• Zurab Tsereteli. Magee PETER AND COLOMBIA


“… He (Zurab Tsereteli) injected a whole day without a break, but, whatever may have been a tough day lived, finds the time to paint. Tsereteli … disconnected from all the worries in this treasured corner – there is a palette, mountain tubes, solvents, brushes, easel and small primed canvases. There are a lot of pictures, it does not, sell, gave away, especially anyone should boast – long lay stacked … painter very interesting and anyone not like. I hope you will discover a bold colorist painter clever and funny. ” Otar Iosseliani

The main colors of the exhibition of Zurab Tsereteli are black and red. Aggressive bright red walls of four rooms were hung with pictures in black frames. The color palette was dominated by paintings themselves are the same purple spots. The exhibition includes a schedule of Zurab Tsereteli from 1998 to the present. The exhibition itself is called “Between Peter and Colombia”, alluding to the most sensational monuments sculptor. Although it is set in 1995 in Seville track “birth of a new man,” and pleasing Muscovites Peter I have been made much earlier. Alternatively, another interpretation of the name: Zurab Tsereteli creativity involved seemingly as an afterthought, after the main work in the academy and the Museum of Modern Art. According to the stories of friends and witnesses, the president of the Academy of Fine Arts draws even on the plane.
       Preface to the catalog speaks frankly amazed that cause “extraordinary fecundity of the artist”. Of pictures is not too different from each other stories and really amazing. Stone figures of giants and janitors with brooms made out in a primitive manner, but in a very optimistic color. Heroes tseretelievskih paintings rarely remain static: they played the violin in dudyat horns, dancing and clapping. Just like their author, not for a second pokladayuschy hands. Completing an impromptu press conference, Zurab Tsereteli said about his plans to take part in the project competition Monument to Joseph Brodsky. In the name of our next exhibition graphics will probably be featured name Joseph.
       Alya KHARCHENKO

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