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Yuri voice Zloty


All split off. And the time. And fate.

And the fate remained only a memory of himself,

low voice

(Joseph Brodsky)





Yuri zloty belongs to a generation of artists that comes in 80 – 90 years.

As is always the case (according to the laws of the ripple) “innovators” are followed by “traditionalists”. This is nothing more than a term, but they are very important. “Innovators” 60s in the art of remembering turn of the century, were noisy, scandalous, drank a lot, but so have all seen and heard. In the fashion was “unauthorized” exhibition. They are “butt” the powers that be – and have been very famous. Among the sculptors rose lump Ernst Unknown. He found the language of the new monumental, working with new materials and scales. He is a philosopher and a fighter, who spoke the language of plastic monumental.

   The generation of the ’80s and ’90s power of “no butts”, drinking quietly, without a chorus sings the “Marseillaise” and the art looks back at antiquity. Not like it was done by classicism, but returning the sculpture flexibility and expressiveness of the naked body. Shaped allegorical world mythology.

   Among the names of sculptors of the 80-90’s Michael Drones, Victor Korneev, Dmitry Tugarinov. From a young Helen Surovceva and, of course, Dashi Namdakov. Very talented tribe, individualistic, not clunky, the creative sculptural lyrics, even when erect monuments.

   Yuri zloty certainly found the most valuable for the artist – a unique language, its path, his favorite material of sculpture.

   He was born in 1956godu and came from far away. He studied in Chisinau and in the Leningrad School of Mukhina in Krasnoyarsk (Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts). Now lives in an ancient Russian city – Klin near Moscow.

    Creativity Yuri zloty constantly unfolds various facets of talent. Among his works is a portrait of a great place. But this is a very special portrait. It could be called “historic.” His portrait on the border between the image itself, this particular person and historically, has endured a transformation myth.

    This, for example portrait – a monument to the artist AG Pozdeyeva. Man’s loved ones, but which has become a kind of fairy-tale “a man under an umbrella.” Or a portrait of the writer Yuri Astafeva (bronze). I think this is one of the most powerful of the zloty. Realistic very similar to the original portrait Astafeva – the magic art of transforming into a powerful image of the national character of a simple, solid, hard sage. A composition of the portrait and a bronze cartouche with the name of your perception translate one more step – a monument to Russian writer Astafevu. History, thinking about our common past, the national memory as relevant today once. For a long time we did not have stories like samorazresheniya complex subject. Sculptor is very much a concern these issues. But as a sculptor, he goes through a person. Vasily Surikov, Dmitri Mendeleev, Peter I, Elizabeth and Catherine II, Peter Tchaikovsky, Prince Vladimir Yuri Gromov – not all the characters of the sculptural story “Bygone Years” PLN.

    Zloty sculptor – the narrator. On his heroes, he likes to tell it like the items. And in this sense is found interesting about the narrative composition of the monument to Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It would be good to implement. Horse. Spring stroller. Traffic stop. Composer looking to – that. And then again, as in the case of Astafiev. There are images and spaces which are not. They are imaginary audience. Tchaikovsky in the way. The eternal road, travel, travel and general way, as a concept. And the full experience of the world around, the nature of that sounds inaudible to us, deafening him.

   And what a contrast, almost incomprehensible in the works of an artist between grotesque fantasy “Gift Stradivarius” and a classical monument “Vasily Surikov.”

   Today, the boundaries expanded – perhaps all, if everything – talent.

   Since the beginning of the twentieth century for the Arts opened all the doors and vents of the past. Artists certainly comprehend plastically on his new quest coil forms of the past.

   “The Rape of Europa”, “bell”, “Deity” and even “Hercules” Bourdelle, shining through the “hunt” PLN.

This is not a quote. This feeling of being in a long history of artistic memory. This relationship with the world culture. We do not stepchildren genius of the past, but his children. And if, today’s artists have forgotten plastic myth of the past – they would have disappeared, hanging in the void.

Yuri zloty talented artist and not without risk. It works safely with the materials, scale, it variativen.

But most of all I prefer his bronze, edging his body moving draperies.

Mysterious past meets the present with Moldova antiquity, satire with Bacchus, in the bronze sculpture “satirist.”

  Bronze with greenish like “flows” forming the shape by doing it in front of our eyes, revealing the oldest archaic totem and eternal power.

“Lullaby”. Sculpture should matter to form a compound of sensuality and chastity naked and easily draped figures PLN.

One of the best works of the artist “Boy with a fish.” In her all the best features of the sculptural style of Yuri PLN. Conciseness in conjunction with the jewelry and the movement of the whole figure boy with a fish dish. And the light of changing forms of expressive sculpture. And become a sculptural still life scaly fish on a platter.


“… Firmly established, the product of labor is a food thief and prototype of Paradise

or rather – extraction time:

losing (even forever) that – or you do not dare to shout about faithful hope:

 that time, invisible before, things suddenly appear the features …. “


And it’s better than Joseph Brodsky, who cares about the image of the sculptor and the identity of Yuri zloty – I say I can not.

   We have one of the sculptor work. It’s called “The Cross”. Live the magic flour entire form of man, his soul and body, his life and death. A fragment of a detail of the image, which we fill our imagination – a metaphor for the closest sculpture and sculptor Yuri PLN.




Paola Volkova

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