• Park. Innokenti Baranov
  • Lincoln. Roman Genn

This exhibition – a quaint symbiosis works of one of the most famous cartoonists in the U.S. Roman Genn and talented artist Innocent Baranova, continuing the traditions of German Expressionism.

“The idea of this exhibition originated in the process of communication countrymen. (We grew up not far from each other and learn together).

Had not seen for fifteen years, we met in a small coffee shop and sodvinuv glasses, started a never-ending conversation about the meaning of life that occurs in people over the years and separated by oceans.

  Remembering friends and fellow students, we gradually moved to the themes of “eternal.” For a long time talking and arguing about the meanness and cowardice Great inconspicuous and quiet heroism of the little man.

About Generosity, Compassion and Greed, which in different periods peacefully coexist in the same individual. The intrinsic beauty and dedication of people in the war and its ugly squalor and pettiness in peace ….

This is our show. “(Innocentiy Baranov)

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