• Vladimir Voinovich


Vladimir Voinovich – a young artist. He put his hand recently, when grown up to retirement age. Until about forty years, studied literature and achieved something in this field. But reaching for something, always felt that it lost a talent for something else. Eventually, he discovered this talent, to the great joy for themselves and to the chagrin of adequate ones.

“Close advised him to bury a new talent in the ground (they had enough and old), but he did not heed the advice. The house smelled paint, turpentine and got pretty close. Previously, all the manuscripts easily fit somewhere under the bed, books, enough space on the shelves. And then an easel, brushes, pieces of cardboard, hardboard, canvas, stretchers, frames, borders, banks, and paint on the canvas, his pants on the floor. “

For seventy years the young artist painted five hundred different ways different landscapes, still lifes, face, arms, legs and other body parts and the number exceeded Vermeer of Delft, who in his life wrote only forty pictures or less.

“He asked, well really had not studied or tried? He replied: No, not studied, but the attempts were separate, and that’s how they remembered him chronologically. ” Six years trying to draw the earthquake. Then draw a horse, gets a chest to the feet. Fourteen years of an apprenticeship with the cover of “Notepad agitator” (it was such a publication), sketched silhouettes of Lenin and Stalin, but the master of industrial training Romanuta Yanukovych said that the leaders here in the Soviet Union only represent artists with a special permit. And the other for the same given time. Our special permission of the artist was not, and did not want to receive life, and he stopped it up.

35-years in the country found a set of school colors and come under the hand of the (paper, cardboard, plywood) drew a cow and a human face, happened like Vladimir Tendryakova, Chonkin with Nura (imitation of one of the images Chagall), and on a piece of parquet beauty, which he called “Nude with greetings” and gave screenwriter Sims Lungin. Sim said that “hello” too big, but still received a gift, he seems at home Loungin still kept if the director Pavel Lungin not handed it to the Louvre.

School set soon exhausted, look for new paint was lazy, and improvised substitutes (tooth paste, ketchup and shoe polish) demanding creator staged only in part. So picturesque attempts were interrupted again for almost three decades.

And it would be nice if the future wife of the painter’s birthday is not gifted with a still life, bought in Izmailovo Park. Roses on the windowsill. Wife still life hung in the bedroom, and our hero every time waking up, looked at him and thought that something picture is not enough to awaken people to not blow melancholy. And one day he bought … so, again, the school set, it brightened the picture background, and roses bloom. Roses in bloom, and the set is not over. Do not throw out … I had to write the next picture – self-portrait. Paints the portrait was not enough, I bought a new set. And then again paint left, and had to start the next picture. And then – the lack of an excess of one spawned the other, and becomes the cause of a lack of excess. Against the background of this dialectic future artist fell into a violent frenzy, stopped shaving, drinking, eating and sleeping, and completely abandoned the writing of letters, which it seemed to him quite useless exercise. Close (something about them as described above) at first surprised, then worried, talking about the crisis of the age and in any case have invited a psychologist. Psychologist willingly came, listened to the patient, looked a picture and one of them wanted to buy immediately, but got over so as a fee. Realizing that the patient is accompanied by a crisis of production of objects that can represent the relative commercial interest, peace, and close to the whims of the latter-day artists are treated more leniently.

“When the rumor spread, friends, is not seeing steel worm: what abstraction? And here and there, happily replied the artist, knowing well that abstractions permissible Picasso or Kandinsky, and so we must begin to paint a cow, that it was like a cow, not a sunbeam. “

Second question: is right oil? Taken to represent the novice with colored pencils or water colors for students – twelve tablets and one brush. And right oil – this impudence. What our painter, in general, I agree. So try watercolor, pastels, tempera and gouache, but stopped still in butter (not neglecting sometimes acrylic). It is important, however, not only what, but also on what. At the beginning of his new career by painted on paper and cardboard from some boxes and the first canvas stretched on a frame, and then bought an easel, unsure whether to rank it with such devices.

Well-known writer discovered a new talent, which every year is gaining more fans, and both among professional artists, including such masters as Boris Messerer, “Probably every person is born naive, with an open view of the surrounding reality. But keep this baby surprise perception of life and bring him to life is the greatest gift bestowed by God, which is given to few chosen ones. It seems to me the highest artistic happiness – to draw this picture accordingly his outlook and attitude. Paintings by Vladimir Voinovich give us the opportunity to see the world in this naive surprised look and open the unexpected colors, rotation, and composition. “

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