• Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures
  • Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures
  • Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures
  • Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures
  • Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures
  • Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures
  • Vladimir Lyubarov. Provincial Pictures


In the 70-80’s Vladimir Lyubarov became known primarily as a book designer, has illustrated more than a hundred books (among authors as Voltaire, Raspe, Lem, Gogol, Strugatsky). Eleven years, he worked as chief designer of the legendary magazine “Chemistry and Life”, at the beginning of perestroika, a group of writers organized the “Text” – the first private press in Russia.

However, in 1992 Lyubarov dramatically changed his life. Rejecting the role of the prestigious Moscow artist, he bought a house in semi-abandoned village Peremilovo, on the edge of the Vladimir region, and tried to live a simple country life. What has been only partly because the country he took up painting and began to portray their new countrymen. Suddenly, for the author of his “Pictures of Russian life” was a huge success in the West, and was soon followed by exhibitions of Lyubarova in Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland. On the basis of its “rural” series in the UK published the book “Russian proverb,” ​​and a year later it was reprinted in the United States. Soon success came in Russia.

Following the traditions of Russian folk, Lyubarov creates its own world, its environment, filled with true and fictional stories.

The source of inspiration of the artist – a leisurely life of the Russian heartland. Realities that are familiar from childhood: women with string bags, men with half a liter, curves fences, sprats in tomato sauce. Carefully and lovingly witty writing this, Lyubarov nevertheless seeks to discern what lies behind the dilapidated provincial facade – life itself, the touching, the funny, the scary, incomprehensible and uncomprehending people giant metropolises.

Former book artist Lyubarov largely “graphical” and in his paintings: sometimes composition, line, form excite him more than the color and volume. But it is a refined monochrome painting fullness and power of his report “naive” world monumentality, display it to the level of the epic. The laws of real life on his canvases easily violated for the sake of the laws of metaphysics, the details take on symbolic meaning and transformed into images.

The work of Vladimir Lyubarova are in museums and private collections around the world, including in the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum.

The exhibition in the gallery “House Nashokin” – retrospective. According to the artist, he has long wanted to exhibit their work here. “This gallery space is absolutely amazing. Its walls are steeped in history. To me it is similar in spirit by the fact that Paul Voinovich Nashchokin was a cheerful, inveterate gamblers, drinkers, as is characteristic of my heroes, and I myself. “

The exhibition at the “House Nashokin” will present several series of works the artist made in the last 15 years.

“Village Peremilovo” – the first easel series, made up, along with the picturesque, entered and graphics, including illustrations of Russian proverbs and idioms. Series title gave the village where Lyubarov still lives from early spring to late autumn. According to the legend was born not far from here the great Andrei Rublev, the village itself crosses the old Catherine tract. Rumor has it that the name of the village gave the Empress, who had been exiled once opostylevshego his favorite – a small sweet. And emerges on the canvas Lyubarova current life of the village – dumpy, with vodka, with a discordant song lisp harmonica, but illuminated from inside the historic space, used to have in Russia, as in the pool, tip over any lost soul. “Village Peremilovo” – the “Russian” series Lyubarova – according to some critics, funny and impetuous, according to others – piercingly terrible, serves as a key to understand all of the artist and does not fit into the salon art “lovers of Russian antiquity.”

“City Pinch” – in contrast to the village Peremilovo such names on the map to find. Since, however, called the street now serving, where the artist was born, so cozy and shabby pinch – it’s kind of the city of his childhood. And yet – it is also a typical Russian remote: the people and the realities are recognized at once: the sleeping side by side on the station, and languishing in the queues, and touching on a newspaper drink pink port, and if the last time walking in zabuldyzhnom restaurant. However, it is an “abomination of provincial life” is obtained from Lyubarova always pretty and even charming. Tiny world lyubarovskogo tweaks – the sweet-bitter drop, which affects the lives of countless Central Russian towns and halts, where time is tied in knot – not untie: the “scoop” you, and restructuring, and market capitalism …

“Jewish Luck”. According to the unwritten laws of the Russian miracle, Lyubarov, drive around the world and drawing in passing a series of “Amsterdam”, returned to his picturesque Peremilovo and gently squeezing the locals, and peopled it is the Old Testament Jews living in their ancient laws. Among the strong Russian winter – with a bathhouse, depression and vodka, of all right and his crooked izbenok new characters to keep the Sabbath studying the Torah and the Talmud, eating kosher food, and think more about eternity.

Series multilayer. This artist’s childhood memories, and the keen interest of a mature man to the philosophy and culture of the ancient people, and the kind of reading of the classics of Jewish literature – primarily Sholom Aleichem and Isaac Bashevitsa Singer. As it always happens in Lyubarova Series is historical and modern, real and fantastic at the same time.

A series of “Flood” is on display for the first time. Here is what a new family of the artist himself:

“The flood, which I paint – not terrible and devastating natural phenomenon, but rather a state of mind. In my village painted, as in many real Russian villages such flooding occurs every spring. People have long been accustomed to the fact that the village floods. They both lived in it, and continue to live. Just go from house to house, not on dry land and in the water up to his waist. They are found in the water, drink, love each other, swear … I mean their life is almost the same. Well, we lived in a room, now live in the attic or on the roof. And then the water goes. And they enjoyed it … “.

In 2005 began a collaboration of “Green Stamps” and the artist Lyubarova. Each month, on the label of the same name vodka portrayed one of the pieces of the wizard. Bottles first issue became a rarity and production collectors.

Lyubarova painting was chosen as the basis for exclusive vodka label “Green Mark” is not accidental, as his paintings most accurately reproduce the world of people with simple, pure relations, with their sorrows and joys, one of which is a friendly feast. Such an aesthetic life of a typical Russian hinterland is clear and residents of large cities, which at every opportunity trying to escape from concrete jungle to fresh air, to nature and relax from the crazy rhythm of the city with relatives and friends.

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