• Vladimir Kachanov. Under the old boulevards of the Moscow
  • Vladimir Kachanov. Under the old boulevards of the Moscow

Vladimir Kachanov – an artist with a rare attitude. Not indifferent. “We walk in the daily hustle and bustle of the city and do not notice it, and the inconvenience of living in old houses uncomfortable to accept help with the destruction of the city, with the disappearance of Beauty. But the man saw beauty, will not allow it to destroy, – the Kachanov. – To be able to see the beauty of the city and show it to the people – in this mission of the artist. ” In 1994, the “troubled” the artist made a solo exhibition in the Central House of Artists, entitled “leaving Moscow,” where calls for the preservation of the urban fabric. The booklet for the exhibition, he wrote: “In 1987, the boulevard was cut down, someone does not like the old ash tree alley. Put young maples. Perhaps in fifty years – one hundred (if these maples survive) Boulevard will once again have its own soul, a new face, but we live in today … Keep one has not only a historical monument and the landscape in which the monument is located. And if you let someone with no heart to swing the ax, while today there will be no Summer Garden or Walk Kern nor Moscow boulevards. So after Christmas boulevard plan had to “reconstruct” Peter, Holy, Color … trees for timber has been marked. Muscovites have managed to raise a concerned public, there were articles in the newspapers. We managed to save time on the colored poplar, Strastnoy boulevard … “

Unfortunately, was not so much time, and there is not already saved then colored poplar or lime on Yauzskaya … And for the favorite artist Christmas Boulevard started again. From 1994 Kachanov mainly exhibited abroad (Germany, France). But returned. Again, did not remain indifferent. In September 2009, with the support of the project “Moscow, which is not” original album was released diary of the artist “leaving Moscow. Parkways »(http://moskva.kotoroy.net/book_four/). Now exhibition. And she also devoted a masterpiece of architecture and old Moscow boulevards and just a cozy patio, which should be preserved and protected. Indeed, in one city there is nothing like the Moscow boulevards. Sketches from the collection of the artist, written more than forty years, and at the exhibition, reveal surprising originality of Old Moscow.

 The exhibition will be a cycle of evenings dedicated to Moscow’s boulevards and organized historical and cultural project “Moscow is not.” Daily famous Moscow, historians, writers and journalists will impromptu virtual walk, where talk about their Moscow about their favorite boulevards:

20 November at 19.00 – Gogol Boulevard, Alexander Usoltsev (project “Walking in Moscow”).

21 November at 19.00 – Nikitsky Boulevard, Alexander Frolov (local historian, journalist).

22 November at 19.00 – Tverskoy Boulevard Denis Romodin (project “SovArh”).

November 23 at 19:00 – Good and Petrovsky Boulevard, Alexander Mozhayev (local historian, the project “Arhnadzor”).

November 25 at 19:00 – Christmas Boulevard, Nikita Brusilovsky (ethnographer, historian).

26 November at 19.00 – Sretensky Boulevard, Rustam Rakhmatullin (journalist, writer, winner of the “Big Book”).

November 27 at 19.00 – Chistoprudny Blvd Alexander Usoltsev (project “Walking in Moscow”).

November 28 at 12:00 – Basil and Yauzsky Boulevard, Sergei Brel (poet, screenwriter, local history).

29 November at 19.00 – “absurd phenomenon Moscow boulevard,” Mitrofanov (writer, author of a series of books about Moscow.)

Sign in lecture fee – 150 rubles. The number of seats to parties, “walk” is limited, and that those already recorded and want to get into. So be sure to write to the address moskva@kotoroy.net email with the subject “date, lecturer, 1-2 people.” Further forward notice. If the notification does not come, then, alas, on seats you have not got. If you really want to, you can at your own risk to come, but will have to stand or sit on the floor (the floor is clean, of course, but … Think, in general)

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