• "VIVA LA VIDA" Frida Kahlo de Rivera
  • "Tales of power" Anastasia Rurikov-Simes
  • "Night Watch" Andrey Remnev
  • "Watermelons" Ivan Lubennikov
  • "White Carousel" Gayane
  • "Balloons" Vladimir Lyubarov
  • "Beauty contest" Vladimir Lyubarov

In the year of the 20th anniversary of the Dom Naschokina Art Gallery we are opening our latest exhibition VIVA LA VIDA!

Exhibition with this title we opened 12 years ago, when they did
exposure of the world famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo . Eight days before his departure , seriously ill by Frida wrote a terrific feeling of happiness and joy of life sojourn on earth picture VIVA LA VIDA. It was a still life depicting a bright juicy pieces just cut watermelon , symbolizing eternal life !

With this exhibition, we would like to thank all our artists with whom we had been friends all these years , journalists who have always supported our projects and of course friends , whom we turned to recent events much more than we could have imagined !

The exhibition features more than 50 paintings paintings and sculptural works about 30 ! More than 30 names – the pride of our contemporary art.
Olga Bulgakov , Alexander Sitnikov , Tatyana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova Natella taidzi techniques , Azam Atakhanov Vladimir Lyubarov Larisa Naumova , Viktor Rusanov , Rustam Hamdamov , Leo Tabenkin Andrew Remnev Nikita Medvedev , Valery Bashenin Ivan Lubennikov , Natalie Glebova , Catherine Kornilov Anastasia Rurik , Peter and Andrew Paszkiewicz Pashkevich , Victor Korneev , Michael Drones , Alexander Rukavishnikov, Valery Epihin , Dashi Namdakov Elena Fokine and others
But this, of course , an incomplete list – Rosii cultural space , as it is known , richly talented !

But with these artists and sculptors worked Dom Naschokina Art Gallery for last 6 – 7 years . We did a huge project titled ” Expression of the Spirit ” , more than 200 works , our room did not even have to show it all , and we had to take the whole museum ! Surprisingly great and very creative turned exhibition ” Furniture as art ” – painted by our artists cabinets, chests , tables, chairs , cabinets literally boggle the imagination and visitors fled to her, so they would enjoy , and some learn to paint themselves . ” Nude “, ” Flowers”, ” Adam and Eve ” and many others – a celebration of painting, where reigns the highest skill and colorful personality !

Borrowing is accumulated wealth and, of course , using the experience of art , these artists , free to choose, have imprinted their deep mark in the history of art from the late 20th century and early 21st century .

VIVA LA VIDA exhibition will last until 14 September.

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