• "Eve." Malm mirror. Vladimir Lyubarov
  • "A Little Night Music." Bureau of Alva. Catherine Reutova
  • Wardrobe Strand. Tonino Guerra
  • Сorner cupboard LEKSVIK. Andrew Paszkiewicz

The project, which is part of the series of exhibitions “Expression of the Spirit”, dedicated to the best in contemporary art, combined twenty-five bright names, twenty-five brilliant artists: Tonino Guerra, Vladimir Lyubarov, Tatiana Nazarenko, Rustam Hamdamov, Alexander Sitnikov, Olga Bulgakov, Andrew Paszkiewicz, Vadim Kulakov, Larissa Naumova, Catherine Kornilov, Yuri Volkov, Natalie Glebova, Natalia Sitnikov, Sergei Barkhin Vadim Krotov, Azam Atakhanov Valery Bashenin, Catherine and Dennis Reutov Maksyutin Sergei and Irina Shchipachev Dmitry Gorokhov Aleshkina Mary, Catherine Burakova, Nana Abdrashitov.

Author’s painting of modern furniture – the perfect opportunity to show the unique style of each participant. It can be said that the organizers were founded upon a long tradition of making omnibus volume – collections, where the authors provide a variety of products on a given plot. As a result, the light appeared real furniture “Decameron”, which is limited only by imagination of the artist area furniture.

The idea to paint the items from IKEA was born to artist Andrew Pashkevich, who created a series of “painted” products the Swedish company. These things have been democratic ideal subject for art, because at the heart of the IKEA concept was originally laid freedom of expression.

 Democracy is the main feature of Swedish design since its inception in the XVIII century. In Sweden, even the irrepressible luxury turned into an exquisite Rococo Gustavian style. In the houses of the nobility did not take the Stockholm screaming gilding: furniture legs modestly covered with white paint! Classic simplicity is at the core of Scandinavian design.

The main theme of the “furniture as art” – new possibilities for the manifestation of personality, which offer the usual … things. Is it possible to make the furniture work of art? How to create an interior that reflects the personality of the owner? Works of the project participants clearly answer these questions. They show how to use the creative ideas of furniture can turn into unique objects. Moreover, the home environment – a great playground for creativity.

 Artists painted the 50 subjects, creating original works of contemporary art. Andrew Paszkiewicz presented vivid painting in the classic Scandinavian style, decorated two closets pictures in blue and white tones and noble “rubbing”. Tatiana Nazarenko chose his painting biblical story of Adam and Eve’s temptation in paradise and brilliantly performed it in the manner of the Renaissance. In Olga Bulgakova topic read the eternal conflict between two opposites. Treating meeting crows and chicken almost Aesopian way, the artist continues to furniture surfaces famously picturesque series of “The Birds”. Alexander Sitnikov turned in his paintings to the works of Pushkin and Schnittke, elegantly combining in art literature and music. Works Natalia Sitnikova – original variations on Japanese woodcuts. Disclaimer of styling allowed the artist to convey the idea of ​​harmony through the prism of their own perception of Japanese culture.

… Twenty-five different artists created in closets, cupboards and lamps entire paintings. And each piece painted in the project “furniture as art”, has become a veritable declaration of individuality. It turns out that any thing can become a work of art, if it put a piece of his soul …

Artists on the project

Tatiana Nazarenko: painted furniture – it is also an art. Another Renaissance artists eagerly painted furniture and Italian painted chests – the whole picture in a nutshell … This rich tradition could be supported, and the participation in the project was a great opportunity to do that!

Vadim Kulakov: IKEA furniture does not imply any artistic intervention, so the idea to paint it struck me as interesting, fun and challenging!

Alexander Sitnikov: IKEA – is democratic furniture, designed for the general public. The “Furniture as Art” has given an excellent opportunity to present it in a different way – the possibility of using creative imagination to transform ordinary furniture into something sublime, the opportunity to raise it above its original purpose!

 Natalie Glebova: The idea of ​​the project is good because it is addressed to people. The tradition of painting the interior was interrupted after the Revolution. In the Soviet way of life on the walls only pictures and photographs. A painted furniture – the first step in the return of tradition. Painted furniture – this is not quite the picture, but not purely utilitarian thing, it’s the transition to the “luxury”, decorated, new aesthetic perception.

 Thoughts on standard furniture

Andrew Paszkiewicz: It needs paint, and it will be different. Painted furniture is quite popular – especially in ethnic style.

 Oleg Vukolov: Continuous furniture is all over the world, and has the right to exist.

 Olga Bulgakov: If you come to a creative furniture, you can give it some personality!

 Natalia Sitnikov: On the one hand, it is, of course, unification. But with the help of artist serial furniture can be different.

 Irina Schipicheva: I belong to the standard furniture in the negative. And how else can relate to furniture production?

 Natalie Glebova: If a person has his thoughts, he could easily find a serial furniture to create individual interior.

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