• "Expression of the Spirit"


The “Expression of the Spirit” opened the first exhibition featuring artists Oleg Vukolova, Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Boris Messerer Andrei Pashkevich and sculptor Adelaide Pologova. This exhibition – a reflection of the artist’s creativity, creating in different manners and genres, different generations, but by a shared creative environment and impeccable artistic taste. The exposition will reflect the path of searching and precious discoveries of each of the authors, who draw their inspiration from different sources, but come to a common denominator artistic harmony and original imagery, which will appear before the first visitors of the exhibition “Expression of the Spirit” in the gallery “House Nashokin.”

Alexander Sitnikov pagan fantasy, romanticism and Olga Bulgakova pictorial abstraction, symbolism easel tracks Boris Messerer decorative objectivity Oleg Vukolova, ironic hyperrealism Andrei Pashkevich and philosophy of bright plastic Pologova Adelaide – all this exposure diversity offers visitors to reflect on what is modern art in Russia . The exhibition runs until October 8.

Project “Expression of the Spirit”

Now, three generations of artists, which, for all external dissimilarity, combines temperament, identity, and expression of the spirit.

The oldest, the baby boomers, will be presented by Igor Obrosova, Tair Salakhov, Peter Pashkevich, Boris Messerer, Adelaide Pologova, Andrey Vasnetsov These artists, who lived in the time of rigid ideological censorship and officialdom, and in spite of this to create outstanding works, the value of which is particularly high today .

The middle generation – artists seventies, the core of the project and the face of contemporary art in Russia – will be presented by Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Tatiana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova, Oleg Vukolova, Natalie Glebova, Vladimir Lyubarova, Larisa Naumova, Victor Kalinin, Catherine Kornilova, Ivan Nikolayev , Andrei Pashkevich, Victor Rusanov, Lev Tabenkin, Ivan Lubennikov, Rustam Hamdamov, Lazarus Gadaev, Mikhail Dronov, Valery Epikhina, Dmitry Tugarinov etc.

The younger generation will be presented already very well-known artist and sculptor Dashi Namdakov and wonderful colorist Azam Atakhanova and viewers are coming two interesting discoveries – Russian artists who live and successfully exhibited abroad, and now appear and before the Russian audience – Anastasia Rurik and Vahram Davtiyan .

  Gallery “House Nashokin” has always been its visitors only the best samples of Russian art from different periods. In the 90 years of the last century made the first gallery solo exhibitions in Russia are so popular nowadays Sixties – Dmitry Plavinsky, Oleg Tselkov, Mikhail Shemyakin, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev Ernst Neizvestny. Another focus of our activities have been exhibitions from the museum’s collections of the best Russian artists of the last century – in our showrooms visited the masters of Romantic XVIII-XIX centuries (O. Kiprensky, A. Venetsianov V. Tropinin) as well as solo exhibitions Valentin Serov, Zinaida Serebryakova , Petr Konchalovsky and other artists from the museum collections and private collections, most of which were on display for the first time.

The idea for this project was born when we were approached by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the request to form an exhibition of Russian contemporary art in China. More than 400 works were exhibited in the best museum in Beijing – the Museum of Fine Arts, and about 500 thousand people visited the exhibition. We have experienced tremendous pride in our country and have decided that the exhibition of such scope and such a high level should be seen in Russia.

The task of the new gallery – to show that Russia now has a bright and original art that continues the best traditions of Russian and world art!

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