• Russian court portrait of XVIII century. From Peter the Great to Paul I

The exhibition is the collection of portrait art museum Kuskovo. The display of 45 portraits of the family collection of one of the most ancient and noble families of Russia – Sheremetevs. Portrait Gallery, collected by them – one of the most significant among the Russian country estate of portrait collections. Beginning her was laid by Field Marshal Count Peter I Peter B. Sheremetev and continued by his son – Count Nikolai Petrovich.
From the extensive collection of portraits Sheremetev representing not only Russian, but also Western governors, members of the ancient and noble families, church officials and military commanders, chosen among the Russian court portrait.
Featured in the exhibition include portraits of a whole era of the golden age – from Peter I to the reign of Paul I. Blades early XVIII century mark a new stage in Russian art, when during the Petrine reforms understanding of the importance of personality and capabilities caused active development of the portrait genre. Count P.B.Sheremetev deeply honoring the memory of his father, Peter Field Marshal Boris Sheremetev, particular preference to portraits associates of Peter I. Their names are inextricably linked to the value of the pro-reform era: General Admiral of the Russian Navy FM Apraksin, Prince AD ​​Menshikov, P.A.Tolstoy diplomat, Prince-Caesar F.Yu.Romodanovsky Baron A.G.Stroganov etc.
XVIII century is considered to be the century of women’s monarchy. The exhibition includes portraits of Russian rulers – Catherine I, Anna Ivanovna, Anna Leopoldovna, Elizabeth, Catherine II – and their courtiers. The exhibition includes portraits of famous Russian noble families: Sheremetev Dolgoruky, Golitsyn, paninis, Bestuzhev Olsufyeva.
Portrait collection Sheremetevs no different artistic integrity. Most of the paintings were painted by unknown artists serfs. In general, they are copies of the early paintings and engravings of original famous masters: L.Karavakka, S. Torelli, F.Rokotova, P.Rotari, A.Roslina. These samples were supplemented on occasion acquired copyright portrait paintings by Russian and Western European artists “Rossica” and imported collectible portraits.
Two generations of the family Sheremetevs, creating a gallery, unwittingly contributed bustling center within one collection of paintings, describing the main stages of the portrait genre in Russia: from assimilation to parsuna iconographic schemes of European portrait of copies and numerous repetitions commonplaces “types” to professional authoring, eloquent representative of forms to the refined simplicity of chamber portrait.

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