Darkhan Dashi Namdakov – sculptor, famous museums in Russia and China. He showed his art at many contemporary art venues in the world. Dashi is famous in Asia and Europe, it is loved in Russia and the Americas. Throughout his works, including jewelry, causing a genuine interest, because for exotic form is the secret of the ancient craft, almost magical code knowledge about the nature of something that way, it was only knows blacksmith Darkhan. “Darkhan” – this word in the Buryat language is the master of the manufacturing weapons and wedding jewelry, bronze ritual objects. The traditions of his craft passed down through the generations. It’s a genetic memory and skills “communication” with metal and fire. People respected blacksmiths as the great masters and philosophers. Probably so creative jewelry Dashi is particularly bright conceptually.

Dashi reflects the creativity of contemporary art in Siberia, which is closely intertwined European and Oriental influences. It combines the elements of his style of Art Nouveau with Russian traditions of Asian cultures – Mongolian, Chinese, trends Buddhism the pagan indigenous peoples of central Siberia.

In traditional Asian art you see all these temple sculptures and figurines of gods, and immediately you say, ‘This is from Tibet, and it is – from India. ” But he did not like anything. ” Most of the sculptures are incarnations of Dasha forces – physical, sexual and spiritual. All his work is very fresh and modern.

Dashi enthusiastically developing animalistic theme in sculpture, graphics, and particularly sophisticated, costume jewelry in plastic. Master free play of textures metals and stones, artistically owns the color of all shades of gold and silver, precious and semi-precious stone cabochons, forcing the subject to live and move in our imagination. A variety of materials with which he works is unique. Along with bronze, silver, gold and copper, Dasha uses traditional Buryat wood, leather, mammoth tusk and horsehair. Jewelry collection is decorated with precious stones – sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Their combination with different shades of gold make incredibly rich palette of the master. His works seem to be so perfect and elegant even in the smallest details, it’s hard to believe that they are made of metal.

Dashi interest to the jewelry design due to its cultural roots. His ideas are often born in dreams. His imagination and skills to make these visions of divine beings, spirits, mythical beasts, who say they are “phantasmagoric”, “fresh and modern”, “unique”, “ethereal”. Dashi skill, his mastery of the material and the attention to detail is impeccable.

Over the past few years Dasha spent more than 15 solo inserts in major museums around the world, and his works adorn private collections of leaders of major countries in the world, including the personal collection of the ex-president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

In 2007 Dashi was awarded the National Film Award “Nika” in the category “Best Actor” for his work on the film “Mongol”, which was made by the sculptor’s creative director and production designer.

2000 years ago Dasha Namdakov probably was a shaman, 1000 years ago, a Buddhist monk .. Today he is – an artist who gives us a vision of reality, very earthy and truly realistic. He sends the audience a sense of life, ecstasy, and at the same time shows us the amazing quality, the quality of the earth, faith in life. His images are not subject to the canons, rather they are a departure from them, are unexpected. His work is characterized by freedom of creation at the present level, being avant-garde. Clear and simple, filled with religious content and Eastern philosophy by visionary and imaginative master work will take in the amazing world of the mysterious charm.

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