Metropolitan Gallery “House Naschokina ” must vacate the premises in Vorotnikovsky Lane. The news caught by surprise even gallery director Natalia Rurikovo . Correspondents ” Culture News ” tried to clarify the situation.



The old mansion of the XVIII century in Vorotnikovsky alley besides historical and cultural significance – in this house there were Pushkin and Gogol – has other quite obvious advantages – is located in the center of Moscow. Perhaps it is an attractive location was the main reason ills befallen the current owner of the building , director of the gallery “House Naschokina ” Natalia Rurik , which until recently held the post of chief editor and even magazine ” Screenplays ” rent office in the same building. Not today or tomorrow gallery may be on the street together with the staff and art collection.

“We have received an initial proposal to evict that this building needed fund movie – the director of the gallery” House Naschokina “Natalia Rurik . – Well, we all understand. And then , some time has passed , can not hear anything , and then I call the concierge, ” Natalya Petrovna, you ETAT . Perhaps you congratulate . You anniversary? ” I say , not yet … “

Telegram from the Ministry of Culture was the notice of dismissal as chief editor of ” Screenplay “, in which Natalia Ryurikova worked for 40 years. In the 90s , to somehow survive, she organized a gallery. Income from exhibitions and publishing catalogs and out all the time log. One of the few professionally covering problems in Russian cinema. Shortly after the telegram Natalia Ryurikova personally met with the new chief editor of the magazine , which she said came from the police investigator and security.

” Open the door, got eight people , and bluntly told where our rooms , show our rooms – says Natalya Rurik . – What’s the matter ? And I’m the editor in chief of this magazine. Well, we were shown where we have room. “

New Management magazine Ryurikova sure , will not object to the eviction , or even close. Back in late December, the Ministry of Culture held a meeting at which the transfer of the building Fund cinema as one of the options offered by the elimination of the journal issue . However, it was only one of the options. Which of them will be implemented , and why is needed to push the foreheads of Cinematographers – Received distinguished newsreel and applying for building Cinema Fund , the Ministry of Culture today, we have not commented . In the Film Fund said that the claims of the organization on a building in Vorotnikovsky hear first . But the reaction to the possible eviction of the magazine and gallery, which has long been home not only for artists but also for filmmakers , followed instantly.

” Cinema Museum no, – said director Sergei Solovyov . – And , in general , the only place in Moscow, where approved and brought up the status of cinema as visual arts , the most important status of the movie, it ‘s “House Naschokina . ‘”

“Personally, I know Natalia Rurikovo long , I know that it is fighting all the time for this gallery desperately , and there are fantastic exhibition makes necessary . People go there . It is a space where reigns taste “- says fotogshraf journalist Yuri Rost .

The building, which at one time lived the famous philanthropist and patron of the arts Paul Nashchokin Natalia Ryurikova in 90th repulsed the construction company , which had planned to demolish the house and replace it with a residential high-rise . Today Rurik here is not the hostess . Two days ago, the new leadership of the magazine changed the locks and sealed the premises.

” Just today I come to the door , here we do not have the right to enter , – says Natalya Ryurikova – some people came . They flew here . And they said , you will not be here soon . We will here. So easy in this life . “

Lease Agreement gallery ” House Naschokina ” on which she has a right to be in this building, expires in October . Natalia Ryurikova does not exclude that the premises could lose much sooner .

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