• Rudolf Nureyev

“When I was just leafing through the catalog of the auction, I began to realize that his collection, its museum collection, interiors, in which he lived and in which” fit “itself, it is – something amazing. He was not particularly a connoisseur or collector or connoisseur. intuitively He collected what he liked. And this collection, according to what has been collected, purchased, acquired, can be judged on his inner world. I was curious to find out how he acquired it, why. He in fact, despite the huge amount of friends, was a very lonely man. was the highest paid actor ballet. And many believe that he, as a boy from the Tatar village from a very simple family, getting a lot of money, they began a big spend on expensive and antiques . For me it is not.

For me, his collection is much more attractive than systematic, determined by the choice of artistic movements of some art collection. I personally love his collection, as it is individual, reveals Nureyev, as a very special person, not only as a great dancer. Even in its very eclectic in these unimaginable combinations and interiors, have the courage, there is a sense, I would say, “immensity” of Rudolf Nureyev. He was a man for whom nothing had existed borders. I am convinced, having lived it until today, there would be a “style Nureyev.” He had his own and accurate representation of beauty. He loved the beautiful furniture (collected Karelian birch), very loved musical instruments: he had a collection of old tools of indescribable beauty.

Now all this is not. All of it was sold to open the ballet school stipends to young talents. I understand that our exposure Nureyev interiors – a small, but she talks a lot about Nureyev as the person we are, in spite of his worldwide fame, we know very little … He never wrote any letters, even postcards. The most that he could send as postcard of it and saying, “Hi, there, then? ‘. That’s all. “

Natalia Ryurikova


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