• Pushkin's friend Nashokin

 The exhibition was a friend of Pushkin House Nashokin Nashchokin gallery timed to the 200th anniversary of its famous homeowner Paul Voinovicha Nashchokin. Among friends, friends of the great poet, is known, the number of Karamzin and Zhukovsky, Vyazma and Baratynsky but Pushkin’s famous phrase, thrown something at a party: You are all I need for some reason, he loves me one Naschokin.
In the new exhibition – a lot of unique items, but it has become a famous jewel “Nashchokin house” – the world of small things. Table laid for dinner, pictures on the walls, bronze chandeliers, a samovar, a deck of cards, in short, everything in this house – only in miniature. And, it seems, is about to begin to sound voice of the former owner of the relic and its famous guests
  Close friend of Pushkin; philanthropist who helped many musicians, artists, writers, a gifted storyteller, a couple of scenes podkinuvshy Pushkin (“Dubrovsky” and “Little House in Kolomna”), a rake and spendthrift, the end of life squandered his fortune, death Nashokin caught at the right moment – kneeling in prayer.
       Nashokin name was in the orbit of the mighty Pushkin myth. Their names jostle each other in the title of the exhibition, and in its concept. But this does not detract from the merits of jubilee. All that is retold on Nashchokin, smoothly, and even fun. Truly – “the sun of Russian poetry”: where you do not turn around, everything shines.
       However, not all proillyustriruesh. No, let’s say, the exhibition of paintings, as Paul Voinovich Nashchokin fainted after learning of the death of Pushkin. There is another portrait of Pushkin drawn with Nashokin two years after the poet’s death. It rarely publish, because it is similar to Pushkin no more than Nashchokin. Although this is a very informative web: posing, Nashchokin dressed up in Pushkin arkhaluk (Quilted polukaftan), given to him by the widow of the poet, and sent very long nails, and on any and all fingers.
       Most of the exhibits – portraits, svezennye ten museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Three or four of Pushkin. Portraits of Nashokin: puhlogubogo, kinky master. His wife, a beauty, but it loses some Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina, whose portrait hangs nearby. Paul Voinovich Nashchokin liked gypsies with their songs and dances, in confirmation of which have a historic guitar. From gypsy Olga Soldatova he had a daughter, goddaughter of Pushkin. There is a portrait of an unknown gypsy.
       Nashchokin very fond of young artists who, in turn, drew him endlessly. In love with themselves and their fun, sir generously gave away these portraits. A lot of them at the show, and the similarities between them is small. Or artists were really young, or portrayed – a multi-faceted nature.
       In quirks Nashchokin just can not refuse. The central exhibit – “Nashchokin house” with the Pushkin apartment on the Moika. A miniature replica of one of Nashchokin houses with rooms where you can shoot a gun length of 4.4 centimeters, boil water in a samovar, which fits in the palm, to light the oil lamp with shade size of a walnut, to play in a tiny pool. These dollhouses have long been in the European fashion. In Russia, a miniature copy of the first was “Nashchokin house”, admired Pushkin: “He ordered a piano on which to play can be a spider, and the vessel on which ispraznitsya did blister fly.” This idea has cost the owner ruin – a few rooms remained not furnished. But why not do it for the fun to look at the past life as a toy.

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