• Politekologiya Andrey Pashkevich

Andrew Paszkiewicz was born in 1945 in Moscow, the son of the artist. His father, Peter Isidorovich Pashkevich, the artist worked on the film studio. Bitter over 50 years, and a small child, Andrew spent a lot of time on the set. Paszkiewicz graduated with a degree in Cinematography cameraman in the early 70’s, and took a course in painting from Yuri Pimenov. He participated in the production of sets of pictures of those years – both artistic and documentary. “Songs paintings Andrey Pashkevich include ostromontazhnymi. Probably was a double positive art education: a professional cameraman and picturesque “- writes about the artist art historian Paola Volkova.

During perestroika Andrew Paszkiewicz began working on the creation of a special series of paintings called “Politekologiya.” Under the impression of the important changes that occurred during the Gorbachev period, the artist in this series, expressed his own view and their perceptions of what is going on, and reinterpreted heavy historical legacy, Russia inherited from the Soviet era. “As an artist, he draws us into a discussion of who we are and what the world is created by us and around us. Solidifying its task of general to strongly individual, Andrew Paszkiewicz proclaims creative doctrine as “the direction of an artist,” calling this area “politekologiya.” Ecology involves a balance of all spheres of life. Disadvantage of one of them – leads to the disintegration of the whole. “

When changes are so tight and everywhere burst into life of the Soviet people in the 80 years of the last century, and ideological censorship longer dominate their consciousness, all this was a direct expression in the arts. This time was a period of revival of the genre of political cartoons and posters to create a “One Day.” During perestroika began to create a series of paintings and Andrew Paszkiewicz, who managed to put into his works fine philosophical sense, a kind of historical symbolism, putting his work far beyond satire or caricature pathetic poster. In fact, the artist has created a special course – pictorial chronicle of the political era that continues to lead to the present day. “Politekologiya Pashkevich – painting of spiritual aspiration, to specify exactly discomfort decaying, lost comfort of the world.”

Andrew Paszkiewicz, calling his series of works “Politekologiya” is not intended to condemn or expose politicians, his task is more profound: he wants to “clean up” all sorts of disturbing and often ugly moments in the political life. His portraits of political leaders – Gorbachev or Yeltsin, Bush or Putin – despite the presence in them of subtle humor and irony, very human, they do not have any grand pathos images or pamphleteering malice. He chose historical subjects are shown as ugliness, injustice post-Soviet era of stagnation, and the beauty of the soul touching naivete of simple Russian man who happened to live in times of turmoil. “This is a deep national roots of the Russian tradition in the arts, traditions of compassion, responsibility for what is happening in the world and its culture.”

Paintings Andrey Pashkevich – is not only the historical snapshots of the era, refracted in the artist’s mind and forcing reflect deeply on the experience and on what has to go through Russia, it is also a truly humanistic work, imbued with faith in the Russian people, and hope for the best. According to the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Edward Drobitsky: “The whole show – it superfilm composed of personnel works perfectly cropped artist in humanity” politekologiyu. ” The world created by God for man, becomes policy with human tragicomedy. A. Paszkiewicz chronicler not only ironic, but also witty Moliere of the twentieth century. “

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