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Tonino Guerra was born on 16 March 1920 in Santarkanzhelo in the novel – the northern region of Italy. Tonino – a pseudonym with which he signs books, poems, scripts and paintings.

Draw Guerra began almost from birth, and already the boy started making this bread. In those years when the young Federico Fellini sell his cartoons in the streets of Rome, his age he started an apprenticeship Tonino designer for newspapers and magazines. In the 40s, he studied at the University of Urbino, he draws the book historian its famous cousin vignettes full of subtle humor and irony, which attracted great interest the general reader to a serious scientific publication.

While a student at the university, which Guerra finished until after the war, in 1946, Guerra begins to actively engage in literary activities. Before that, in 1943, he was deported by the Germans from their campus to the concentration camp in Troisdorf. Still there in captivity, began his first literary efforts. “In captivity, I started writing poetry in dialect to make the company peasants romanoltsam my fellow villagers, who were with me in the camp …” had to memorize poems by heart, because in the camp before it was neither paper nor pencil.

Immediately after the war start to leave his first collection of poems, and later prose. After moving to Rome, Guerra has been devoting himself to literary work. In 1956, he wrote together with Elio Petri his first script, “People and Wolves”, staged by director De Santis. And after the release of pictures Antonioni “Adventure” in 1960, filmed in his scenario, Guerra became one of the most popular Italian writers. In 60 years, he began his long fruitful collaboration with Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Francesco Rosi, Giuseppe De Santis, Vittorio De Sica and other famous directors.

In these years, Guerra has not been able to devote time to painting as “favors word.” However, a brilliant creative environment in which Tonino was in Rome gave him a close friend of the famous Italian artists of the time. Warm relations connected him with Renzo Vespinyani, Filippo de Pizisom, Giorgio De Kirrik and other eminent masters. High opinion of Guerra celebrated painter Giorgio Morandi. In those years, Italy was experiencing unprecedented growth in culture. Artists, filmmakers, writers – all revolve in the same creative space and a multi talent. And Fellini and Antonioni, and Guerra addition to its core activity of drawing, and made it no less brilliant than the rest.

While working on the film in other countries Guerra always wanted to meet interesting artists and their work in person. Since being in England on the set of film “Blow-Up”, he was closely associated with Francis Bacon, and in America, where the film was shot, “Zabriyski Point,” a friend of the ideologues of pop art.

Revert to the visual arts Tonino “forced” trip to Russia – during visits to his homeland of his wife Laura, he could not take part in conversations with friends because of ignorance of the Russian language and to somehow occupy themselves, again began to paint. Since then, more than 30 years, Guerra has not parted with brushes, paints and a host of other materials necessary for the realization of his artistic ideas. And his imagination is not limited to paintings and drawings – it also creates mosaics and ceramics, tablecloths, pillows, he made sketches of all his furniture, he creates architectural projects squares, fountains, gardens and sculptures that adorn the streets of modern Italy. Although Tonino and does not consider himself an artist, but as the last of the great Italian, Guerra talented in everything.

To date, Tonino Guerra is not only one of the best writers and poets of our time, but also a recognized artist. It is no coincidence his paintings called “colored thoughts of the poet” as separate one facet of his talent on the other can not, they are merged into one in his work. The roots of such a versatile talent, of course, lie in the Renaissance, which gave the world the great artists, the genius that goes far beyond a single genre or style of art. Tonino Guerra – an outstanding humanist, belongs to a generation of brilliant artists, which, unfortunately, was just leaving, and a true son of his great ancestors, “the last Renaissance man,” as it is often called in Italy.

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