• Nudes. The twentieth century.
  • Nudes. The twentieth century.
  • Nudes. The twentieth century.
  • Nudes. The twentieth century.


Nude – not just a genre of painting, but also a symbol of world art. Nudity – the phenomenon of natural beauty and unity of man as a creature of nature, and the universe. Nude creates a complex range of feelings, representing an inexplicable law of the universe: the beauty – the creative agency that creates harmony.

Throughout the history of mankind the greatest artists of all ages sang the beauty of the naked body, using for this purpose various visual tools. Of course, Russia as part of world culture has spawned a galaxy of outstanding artists working in the genre of the nude. Top Russian museums ukarashayut of K. Briullov, Alexander Ivanov, A. Venetsianov G. Semiradsky, Makovsky and other masters of the XIX century.

But the greatest interest in this connection to the twentieth century, which was a turning point not only in the history of Russia, but also in its artistic life. All of the major artistic movements of the West (post-impressionism, symbolism, abstraction, cubism, etc.) found their interpretation in the works of Russian artists of the past century, existing in parallel with the official Soviet painting, which laid the foundation for modern art school.

At the beginning of the century, along with academic, salon painters, the traditions of the Russian school of XIX century began to appear artists and innovators who studied painting in France and Italy, and is committed to finding new forms, including in the nude. True masterpieces of Russian art were created during this time Konchalovsky, Z. Serebryakova, B. Kustodiev, K. Petrov-Vodkin, N. Fechin, Mashkov.

In the 20-30’s under the influence of constructivism and new artistic trends, rapidly overgrown at this time, create unique works in the genre obnazhennoynatury Lentulov A., A. Labas, M. Larionov, Goncharova, A. Drevin, N. Udaltsova .

Campaign against formalism and the establishment of the socialist realism gradually replacing a number of artists from the official Soviet art environment. However, Soviet art and recognized masters who have devoted their talent ideology, not neglected genre of the nude. The work of Deineka, Plastov, Gerasimov in this genre for a long time part of the golden fund of the national painting.

At the same time, who worked in the underground artists, despite the Iron Curtain, to monitor the trends of the West, calling his creativity admiration came to Moscow to foreigners and compatriots to join the world of unofficial art. A. Fonvizin, R. Falk, and later Zverev, V. Sitnikov, W. Weisberg, D. Krasnopevtsev create their own art world, not limited to the scope of socialist realism. Their experiments with nudity and today continue to amaze uniqueness and originality, so persecuted in those years.

Later, in the 70’s and 80’s, when the ideological pressure on the weakened art, artists begin to freely express his “I” through creativity. Genre of the nude is equally deserved love academics and young artists. Of particular interest are the works of I. Obrosova, Vasnetsov, V. Lyubarova, T. Nazarenko, A. Atakhanova, L. Naumova and sculptors Namdakov D., E. Surovtseva, V. Korneev, and many others.

First see the paintings of representatives of virtually all areas in the XX century Russian painting, made in the nude, it will be at the “Nude. Twentieth Century “in the gallery” House Nashokin “from December 8 to March 8, 2010. All on display will be more than a hundred works.

Pyotr Konchalovsky
Zinaida Serebryakova
Valentin Serov
Alexander Archipenko
Aristarchus Lentulov
Ilya Mashkov
Konstantin Yuon
Philip Malyavin
Nicholas Tyrsa
Mikhail Sokolov
Michael Matyushin
Vadim Sidur Alexander Labas
Mikhail Larionov
Natalia Goncharova
Robert Falk
Alexander Drevin
Hope Udaltsov
Arthur Fonvizin
Alexander Tyshler
Anatoly Zverev
Dmitry Krasnopevtsev
Oleg Tselkov
Leonid Purygin
Vasily Sitnikov
Vladimir Weisberg
Boris Sveshnikov
Alexander Gerasimov
Alexander Deineka
Andrei Vasnetsov
Igor Obrosov
Tatiana Nazarenko
Vladimir Lyubarov
Olga Bulgakov
Dashi Namdakov
Victor Korneev
Elena Surovtseva
and many more!

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