• Natalia Nesterova. GREAT PATIENCE

Moscow gallery “House Nashokin” presents an exhibition of Natalia Nesterova. Her name in the French magazine’s annual ranking of Akoun seven years is above the names of all the contemporary Russian artists. The exhibition, which is called the “Great Solitaire Natalia Nesterova,” presents about 40 works on the theme “People are playing cards or …”. People in human form, and card-zapelenutye ribbons live life happy and untroubled. Except that his right? The viewer will have to sort itself in undertakings of the artist – a card for her paintings play some of his people in the game or is it itself lays Nesterov difficult solitaire card of the people and at the same time.
Gallery “House Nashokin” demoralize “Great Solitaire Natalia Nesterova,” one of the most expensive Russian artists.
      Exhibition of new paintings by well-known Moscow artist Natalya Nesterova in “House Nashokin”, as it should be accompanied by a catalog. It laureate of State Prize of the year photographer Yuri Rost, the late actor Alexander Kaidanovsky and MSU art professor Valery Turchin in his texts from different years, not saying a word, talk about the “mystery of alarm” and “frightening gravitas” spilled in canvas Ms Nesterova. But what are those so plowed Nesterovskoe concise pictures with innocent names like “Boy on a bike”, “The Man with the Dog,” “The release of birds” or “climbing up” with the plot, these names is responsible?
       There are, however, at Nesterova and syurnye works, the characters of which – “people-card.” Four jacks perform gymnastic study; figures completely pasted card deck, pulling himself into the sea like or play around them on a coastal beach, and finally, the characters with card masks on the face of polyptych send viewers surdoposlaniya like “I love you” in the language of the deaf. With this exhibition, the product in the “House Nashokin” owes its name.
       But for Natalia Nesterova not so important that it draws people on the escalator or jacks on the rope. All famous pritcheobraznost and suggestiveness of her paintings, so mesmerized by experienced authors catalog, far-fetched. What the artist says in plain text: “Do not torture me the story, and painting, color.” Member of the Russian Academy of Arts and Professor of Painting, Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Natalia Nesterova loves to draw. Draws a bold, delicious, pastously. So what are the robes of heroes out of the picture for its folds, noses card people are tearing the canvas and painting becomes a bas-relief. Recent work Ms Nesterova in “House Nashokin” smell paint so that the secular gallery resembles a cellar.
       In the era of the death of painting, this painting has zazhivshayasya huge success. Wow something to hang on the wall of the house in the living room. That was Natalia Nesterova “one of the best selling and expensive artists of our time,” as proudly tells the press release for the exhibition. And about the “secret anxiety” and “frightening secret” wise head and share the authors after the fact to justify this anachronistic desire for painting. Same as the grandmother that the new Russian that filmmaker that MSU professor. Fedor Romer

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