• My XIX century Sergei Solovyov. My XIX century
  • My XIX century Sergei Solovyov. My XIX century
  • My XIX century Sergei Solovyov. My XIX century

“Probably everyone in life is a treasured historical time, which informally linked his life. Everyone – Miscellaneous. For example, we all know good people for whom the Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was such a time. They named the “hits” and all their past and future life are correlated with only him. And the time that the “hits” me – was the Russian XIX century. I most clearly represent the meaning and mystery of life at the space where he was born and lived, was in connection with the very long out age. And the Russian, who has left us Pushkin and on which we have said so far, and the module of the Russian fine, which we have inherited from the Russian Imperial Academy of Painting, more fully explain to me personally the device of my own soul. Hence this exhibition: the exhibition, do not show, maybe even a strange graphic performance, or as we now say, “academic performance”, yes indeed, the name in this case is not important. Much more important are the invisible internal connections that are entwined all associated items such as fancy, but firmly, in turn, connected with me.
But the things you will see here what. First, the Russian estate scenic pictures, most of which belong to the so-called “land of Russian painting” among which are “primitive” and wise portrait estate is the main place.

The other side of the same my passion – long-term work on the adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”, this time represented by a large number of author’s photographs, which I made during fotoproby the film.

I must say that I am a very serious fotoproby perhaps as serious as to anything else. In any case, it is in the photo is properly dressed and well made-up actor convinces me of the adequacy of the character. In this work, a great honor to have me sample the amazing rare actors – Tatiana Drubich Alexander Abdulov Alexander Zbruev and many others. So, for example, seems to me a completely unique test for the role of Alexei Petrenko Karenina. Although in the film the role performed by a different actor, not less magnificent Oleg Jankowski, it gives me great pleasure from time to time to look at other pictures. It should be noted that the film made Grim unsurpassed master Tamara Gaidukov.

Here you will see a very unique and picturesque scenery sheets sketches for the film production designer Alexander Borisov. We are also presenting a copyright costumes for the film artist Natalia Dzyubenko. Finally, we introduce you to the experimental part of the project – the photographic work of a young master Stanislav Polnareva on “Anna Karenina.”

Here is the shape at this time and a variety of bizarre assembly which, however, it seems to me, after all I have expensive unity – all my personal XIX century, sometimes forever become a part of, and sometimes the main core of my life. “

 Sergei Solovyov.

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