• Marilyn Monroe. The saddest girl in the world

From May 15, in the gallery “House Nashokin”, a new literary project “The saddest girl in the world”, dedicated to the great Marilyn Monroe.
This exhibition was a continuation of a series of exhibitions dedicated to outstanding creative personalities of the twentieth century: Marlene Dietrich, Rudolf Nureyev, Frida Kahlo. Their lives and fates remain a legend and mystery of the past century.
Each time creating its own characteristic that image. In the XX century, one of these in a meaningful way has become Marilyn Monroe. The most beautiful woman of the XX century draws, like an icon, everyone’s idol, a woman’s dream, never actually existed.
Marilyn Monroe, the actress who was the heroine of gossip columns in the newspapers of the world, gave his irresistible smile flashes of so many cameras was actually an artificial creation, a product of Hollywood – this dream factory.
The “Other” Marilyn – smart, educated, and a subtle sense of a woman – quickly discovered that she is involved in a vicious circle carousel moving with constant acceleration.
And even today, fantasy and reality continue to weave in countless monographs, if fact and fiction can not exist without each other. And the total weight of these contradictions in her own feelings: a real person and a growing legend that, in fact, broke Marilyn.
All this is very bleak. And her death, and the reasons for which are not clear. This was the last step of made it to forever remain a cult figure. On the one hand, the death, and the other – the eternal beauty and eternal youth. It is this, always smiling, chargeability XX century a saint, not a man, suffering from old age and disease, wanted it to people.
“I knew I belonged to the audience and the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because it never belonged to anyone or anything else,” – Marilyn Monroe
The exhibition will feature approximately 300 photographs (among them – many rare photos, little known to the general public), literary and biographical material, documentaries and feature films.

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