Nstallyatsy exhibitions and paintings of Lisa Lido held with great success in Paris, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles. In 1992, the song “Chess Studies” and “The Last Supper” was presented at the Fall Festival at the Grand Palais and the exhibition of the French artist, where they had the opportunity to see a record number of viewers (500,000). In 1995, Lisa became the Lido in the Guinness Book of Records for creating the most original project in the history of modern art (a large-scale installation “chess problems”). In Russia, the product of a unique artist have never been exhibited. In addition, few people know that Lisa has Lido Russian origin, and belongs to the illustrious race of princes Dolgoruky passed into the history of the city of Moscow base.

Dynasty Dolgoroukys not escaped the tragic fate of the Russian intelligentsia of the intelligentsia of the first quarter of the twentieth century. Before the revolution the family of Lisa’s diplomatic service in China, and after the great revolution in Russia were not returned at the end of the 20s moved to California and New York.

Lisa’s mother was an avid collector of Asian art of oriental poetry translator. Lisa grew up among books, in an atmosphere of art and music, and at an early age showed talent for drawing. After graduating from college at the age of 17, she married a talented, world-renowned composer Frederick Hollander. He wrote songs for Marlene Dietrich and music for Hollywood movies. Lisa was extremely pretty. Her Slavic beauty attracted the attention of directors and producers, it is constantly receiving offers to star in Hollywood. However, Lisa has always rejected them. Her dream remained painting classes which did not support her husband and family, who believed that it is not concluded her true calling. It is not known what would have been her future life, if one day she did not show their work to the genius of the twentieth century art – Salvador Dali. As you know, America is the first to adopt a provocative work of Dali and strongly encouraged him to show. One day at one of the exhibitions, a meeting of Lido and the legendary surrealist. Her creativity and dedication to the art made a great impression on him. Dali was sure that Lisa Lido create something extraordinary and blessed it on the creative accomplishments. Meeting with Lisa Daly helped to really believe in themselves.

Lisa with even greater zeal continued to paint, and soon in New York, Miami, Denver and Los Angeles began to pass her personal exhibitions. In 1950 she became a member of the American Society of watercolors. Received recognition in America, the Lido in Paris and went to Switzerland to continue his artistic education. She has successfully exhibited her paintings but gradually drawing on flat surfaces, it has become the preferred three-dimensional shapes. It all started with the fact that in 1960, a relative of the Lido asked her to come up with some jewelry showcase to attract customers. Lisa decided to turn to painting mannequins, which have always been a favorite theme of the Surrealists: “… tailors dummies, mannequins in the windows of trendy shops, hat blanks, fencing masks asked surreal theme for countless variations. Similarly, a life-size mannequins, models the size of a doll or a mannequin made of cherry wood used by artists, provided the impetus for a “Horoscope” Marcel Jean, “Venus de Milo with Drawers” Salvador Dali “The Last Game” Mena Ray, “Transformations energy “Dominguez and” Dolls “Bellmer ..” (American art historian Gerald Nordland). Lisa recalls that when dummies “of white brick”, covered by mysterious drawings were delivered to the store – “People began to stop.”

In mannequins Lisa Lido reflects a variety of topics (particularly environmental issues). Mannequins Lido is always accompanied by the most unexpected solutions to create texture and painting. They are incredibly bright and colorful. And at the same time, they embody a kind of philosophical parable about man and the world.

Writing the mannequins, Lisa often drawn to the theme Women. A striking example of this – “The Last Supper”. Lisa gives a very original interpretation of biblical history. At Lido “The Last Supper” – not a collection of the apostles and of Christ, and a kind of meeting women who have the same name – Love. Women’s heads are covered by clouds, the body shows the cracking eggs, chubby babies Renaissance, olive branch network with fish, eyes, lips, white doves and other cryptic messages. Freudian motifs connected with certain missions, which the artist imposes on women. In his compositions Lido embodies the idea that the woman – the savior of the world, and possibly earlier if the world was in the hands of women, by nature more delicate, sensitive and insightful, the course of history would have been quite different, and then the world would be more perfect.

Despite the fact that the Lido is very happy in family life (in the mid 40′s, she married a second time for an entrepreneur Eric Lido), in his installation “Cloning” she denies outwardly prosperous, but internally devastated the life that lies in wait for modern women and refers to them with the hope of understanding the true meaning of personal existence. “Women need to find a reasonable way so as not to destroy what they have – advises Lisa. – I always draw on their figures, something that inspires hope. Look! “


The culmination of plastic thinking it was a surreal project “chess problems.”

Turning to the subject of chess, Lisa Lido goes on Marcel Duchamp and Ray Mena, for whom chess is the main source of inspiration. Swiss art historian Roger Buyo writes: “While most of today’s artists, to create a set of chess pieces – including Man Ray – mostly invented new forms, Lisa Lido brilliantly rethought the very essence of the game. The personification of all shapes and sizes to increase their rate of real human secured its place in that branch of Surrealism, which is in contact with the mystical esotericism .. “Each of the Lido of chess turns into a single work of art. With the help of colors, shapes and textures Lisa gives figures only mannequins-energy inherent in them, they are full of character, poetics and complicate allotted chess formal role. And at the same time, because of the specific source of the material (in fact inseparable from the chess games in them), the Lido at the same time enhances the object of art. This work consists of bizarre shapes, frozen on a chessboard 8×8 meters, half of whom are women (red), and the other half – men (blue). On one side of the board is KING in a woman’s appearance, on the other – QUEEN man. Metaphors of life and conflicts appear in the form of male and female war began.

Outstanding chess player Anatoly Karpov said about the “chess problems” Lido “in her chess figures reflected washed away our existence, our experience at the chessboard and in everyday life, love and hate, good and evil, life and death.”


The exhibition of works of Lisa Lido, which is a gallery “House Naschokina”, will include the installation “chess problems”, “The Last Supper” and “cloning”. The same will be presented …..



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