• Known and unknown Zinaida Serebryakova


Oct. 22 in the gallery “House Nashokin” hosts “known and unknown Zinaida Serebryakova” dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the artist. Modern audiences with an interest in the artist’s creativity knows: general exhibitions, where there are several works Serebryakova, sometimes more than 10 a year. But this solo exhibition in Moscow (and Russia) was more than 15 years ago. Recent years, interest in the work of the artist has strongly increased, the need for a full exhibition Serebryakova overdue. In “House Nashokin” presents about 60 works from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Private Collections Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, Benois Family Museum in Peterhof, the museum’s collections of Rybinsk, Novosibirsk and Nizhny Tagil, from private collections. Some of the works are well known admirers Serebryakova, but there are those that the viewer will see the first time. We regret to note that the exhibition features works by a period of Russian art, French – are only a few jobs. Someone will disadvantage that the advertising campaign had been declared well-known works, which then was not at the show. But it allows to pay more attention to those works that were previously considered as a hero of the second plan.
The exhibition includes several self-portraits of the artist, but should not be too Serebryakov identify with heroines of her work, in which it acts as a director of the performance, where she played the main role. The portraits of the Russian period depicted relatives and friends of the artist – these are the people who have provided support to creative endeavors Serebryakova. Here, the viewer will find several previously exhibited portraits of children, so particularly udayuschiesya artist. Another source of inspiration, besides the family, for a nature Serebryakova estate bored, here written a whole series of landscapes. One work is the unfinished painting sketch Kazan station, the embodiment of Turkey in the form of a naked girl so original that it is hard to say – perhaps whether the implementation of such a painting in the XXI century. Dramatic time of political reconstruction, the death of her beloved husband reflected in works Serebryakova. Some years the artist was not working, but the topic of children’s portraits and ballet paintings has found its second wind. But these topics were not very in demand in Soviet Russia, which led to the emigration of the artist.
The works in the exhibition period, the French do not talk about the creative way the master, but only indicate its main landmarks. They show that the artist has continued to work in his favorite genre of “nude” that her portraits were refined.
The first impression of the exhibition – a slight disappointment, as I would like to see more of French works. The second impression – not all newly submitted works are works Serebryakova. Several paintings are already on display was the issue, the catalog also have pieces that are questionable. But for sure we can say one thing: Serebryakov – artist, whose great skill to stand the test of time and there is no doubt (N. Tregub)

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