• In Memory of Gayane Khachaturyan
  • In Memory of Gayane Khachaturyan
  • In Memory of Gayane Khachaturyan
  • In Memory of Gayane Khachaturyan


“There was a click, and then dash jumped the second digit. The second and last – year of death, 2009. And between the two figures – the imprint of eternity. Fleeting, live traffic, overflow tone and gesture caught the edge of the pencil, the pen, the tip of the brush. “


From the first steps in the art, the artist has declared itself as the original and perfect work, that we can talk about the special gift. It from the beginning supported luminaries Tiflis school, an outstanding colorist Alexander Bazhbeuk-Melikov and creator of the picturesque appearance of old Tbilisi Yelena Akhvlediani.
Appreciation of creativity Gayane (artist was then 20 years old) gave Saryan: “Art – the voice of nature, which is passed through a man. How people will live in harmony with himself, so his art is compelling and sensual. Due to this quality fabric Gayane Khachaturian captivate the audience, giving us her personal inner poetic world. “

Sergei Paradjanov, one of the closest friends Gayane, considered it the most ingenious artist last quarter of the twentieth century. Among her friends and admirers – Merab Mamardashvili, Tonino Guerra, Vladimir Spivakov, Alla Demidova, Francoise Sagan, Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Tumanishvili, Otar Iosseliani, Giya Kancheli, Yevgeny Primakov …

Brilliant people have the ability to allocate their kind from the crowd. Gayane paintings are in the collections of all of the above figures.

It literally fell in love with Andrei Tarkovsky, who repeatedly came to Gayane to chat and enjoy her paintings. Every time Gayane bestowed him a few of his works.

To her, Tbilisi pilgrimage poets, writers, artists, actors, and public figures. The Pope John Paul II visited her studio during his visit to Tbilisi.

Gayane paintings are not just beautiful. They are so unusual that at first acquaintance with them are fascinating.

Yoko Ono, visited the home of Stas Namin, was delighted with the work Gayane. “Is Russia has such artists” – she said. Yoko Ono was so interested in creativity Gayane that sent their statements that they filmed for her paintings.

Tonino Guerra, who admired works of Gayane, took of her film. One of the papers presented by Federico Fellini. It was a favorite painting in the collection of the great director …

Gayane – an interesting personality. The terms of her hobbies was extremely wide: from ancient Chinese poetry and Lucian – to Montaigne, Kafka, Poe, from Menteverdi, Lully, Bach – to jazz to music by Nino Rota and Lloyd Weber, from Charlie Chaplin – to Fellini and Tarkovsky.

“All Gayane – here. Because in real life it was not nothing that can not be embodied as quirky and unreliable way that would not affect the canvas and on paper. Few people can so fully realized. Look – all here, in her paintings. “Ulitskaya

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