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Mikhail Shemyakin ~ Ernst Neizvestny ~ Vladimir Nemukhin ~ Alexander Archipenko ~ Vadim Siddur ~ Dashi Namdakov ~ Michael Drones ~ Victor Korneev ~ Yuri Zloty ~ Elena Surovtseva ~ Alexander Rukavishnikov ~ Andrei Balashov ~ Georgy Frangulyan ~ Michael Pereyaslavets ~ Sergei Milchenko

Gallery “House Nashokin” is a large-scale project – the festival of the best sculptors of the modern home “Russian sculptors.” Precede exposure to the historical part, which in retrospect will tell us about Russian sculpture of the twentieth century in the work of its best representatives – from Alexander Archipenko to Ernst Neizvestny, from Mikhail Shemyakin before Vladimir Nemukhin.

All their art the greatest sculptor Michelangelo showed that the most beautiful in nature – it is a human figure, in fact, that is its beauty does not exist. This is because the external beauty is the expression of the beauty of the spiritual and the human spirit again expresses the highest and most beautiful in the world. And to glorify the man in his spiritual and physical beauty of Michelangelo placed above other arts sculpture. About the sculpture of Michelangelo said that “this is the first of the arts,” referring to the fact that God has molded out of the ground the first figure of a man – Adam. To this day we continue naslazhatsya antique statues and masterpieces created in stone during the Renaissance, the works of Falcone and Rodin, monumental and miniature forms, which are almost not affected by the inexorable time.

Sculpture in Russia today is an art form, unjustly neglected. Meanwhile, it continues to evolve and become more complex, creating new lines and shapes, and modern Russian sculpture is represented considerable number of interesting sculptors whose names are often better known abroad than at home. Gallery “House Nashokin” set out to correct this injustice and to gather under one roof all the best that was carved in stone and cast in bronze in the last decade in Russia.

Mystical Dashi is widely known in China, Europe and the U.S., especially after the movie “Mongol” and shows in the best museums of the world; ironic Michael Drones, creator of sculptural composition “Night Watch 3D”, performed on the famous painting by Rembrandt, which was piobretena Amsterdam for continuous exposure, living in Sweden Victor Korneev, so successfully combines academic traditions of Russian and Scandinavian plastic in his work; fragile Elena Surovtseva, cast forth the giant female characters, who thus remain graceful and touching, versatile Yuri zloty, particularly prone to move a broad historical generalizations; multifaceted Georgy Frangulyan, exercising at the junction figurativa and abstraction “free realist” Alexander Rukavishnikov, boldly combines tradition and innovation in the products, a representative of the dynasty famous sculptor, philosopher Sergei Milchenko offering us a new perspective on religious textbook stories, and the author of numerous monuments to cultural Pereyaslavets Michael, who expressed himself in the subjects of the Russian folk tales, monumental Andrey Balashov, keep looking and working in different techniques and materials – all visitors to the “House Nashokin” can be seen on the first Moscow Festival Sculptra, which will be held here in October-November. Two floors of the best domestic sculpture XX-XXI century – the main event of the fall in our gallery!

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