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Film and fashion are inseparable for over a hundred years. Much of what was seen on the screen, then it became the property of fashion, and vice versa. After the crowds have always been role models and will be a movie star, whose clothes, hair, make-up and the images are copied and replicated everywhere. Particularly noticeable impact on fashion film in the interwar period. It was a legendary time of jazz, Cubism, Art Deco and silent movies.

Let the stars were silent on the screen, but they are pathetically conveyed passion and despair, jealousy, lust, joy and sorrow. In this sense, the silent movie was kind of akin to ballet – dance touches the viewer, not less, sometimes more, acting monologues.

“The great silent” spawned a galaxy of famous actors and actresses whose names are burned in huge letters above the entrance to the “Cinema”, whose photos were constantly in newspapers and magazines. The audience adored their idols, showered with flowers and gifts, literally wore on his hands! With trepidation awaited the release of new films, discussing their lavish wedding and scandalous divorce, considered them millions in royalties, sheds tears over their departure from the screen and then forgotten, absorbed new characters. That is why today, the general public knows most of the actors and actresses whose photos are collected in this installment. Former Hollywood and European studios of the 1920s is now “history”, but they still make us happy stylish image, vividly reflecting the fashion of the time.

In the 1920s, many emigrants from Russia became the stars of silent films – among them native Yalta Alla Nazimova, whose fame was legendary; Polka Pola Negri (Apolonia Halupets), whose appearance was considered very photogenic and talent – exceptional. Russian actress and Hollywood star Anne Steen, who played in the Soviet film “The Girl with the box”, and then emigrated to Germany and later in the U.S., the studio “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” predicted success comparable to the great glory of Greta Garbo. From Riga to Germany emigrated beauty Lia Mara (Alexander Gudovich), has made a spectacular career in the movie of the turbulent decade. Shine in Hollywood actress Olga Baklanov Art Theatre! Meanwhile, the French conquered screens talented Ivan Mozzhukhin and feminine Natalia Kovanko.

Noticeable were also actresses from Hungary – graceful Lea de Putti and Lucy Doreyn (Ilonka Kovacs), Austrian and German star Jenny South, Hans Stuve, Dolly Haas.

Still, most notably at the time was the influence of Hollywood cinema. The whole world worshiped talent Louise Brooks, Gloria Swanson, Mae Murray, Clara Bow, Rudolph Valentino and Ramon Navarro. Shine their outfits created a new trend in fashion – Hollywood glamor, the light from which we can see today.

Most of the stars of silent films could not bear the appearance of sound films in 1928, the year. Foreign women were not in demand because of the emphasis, and that of other Americans voice tone or style of play did not meet the new requirements of the screen. This dramatic moment in the history of world cinema brilliantly reflected in the comedy «Singing in the Rain». Unfortunately, very few have left the stars and in the next decade. Among them – the Swedish film star Greta Garbo and Canadian Lithuanian origin Norma Shearer. Amazing destiny American star Gloria Swanson – after a long absence due to the advent of sound film, she again began to appear in 1950 and regained the reputation of outstanding actress of the XX century.

Alexander Vassiliev

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