• Gayane from Tbilisi

The exhibition of the legendary artist in the gallery “House Nashokin.”
Comments creativity Gayane Khachaturian always full of words “amazing, mysterious, ethereal.” By today’s standards, the usual range of public relations epithets, but in the case Gayane immediately notice how these opinions come from the heart. Especially strong people respond “related” creative professions – actors, writers, directors, although the painting is not too story and not psychological. Gayane on canvases – though absurd, dreamlike carnival, whose members are not for fun.
Peacocks, butterflies, panthers, angels with wings lifeless, ladies in crinolines flaming form a procession, the whirlwind, the staging of the play does not exist. “Communicating with each other, the images replace the reality” – a record of the author, whose diaries, heavily cited in the exhibition, more like a surreal poetry.
Writer Ulitskaya:
“Getting to Gayane once on me a deep impression. It from the supremely gifted natures, could be a writer, and musician. Once she was staying at my house and sang beautifully zokskie old songs, songs of ancient Armenians. She specifically female talent, which in today’s civilized world is less and less common. And yet – the degree of inner freedom, at which people forget about technique. Learned impeccable craft possession, but sad to see professionals who have met only emptiness. Gayane close to folklore gifted and important – a mystery. “
Because we are from the north, perhaps, with particular force to the south attract riot of colors and riddles east. In Tbilisi creative circles gift Gayane Khachaturian was noted very early (young art school graduate support and blessing thence luminaries Bazhbeuk Alexander Melikov and Elena Akhvlediani), but in 70 years thanks to the efforts of Sergei Parajanov in its communal little room began to look increasingly Moscow and foreign celebrities. Author admired not less than the product, finding Gayane non secular charm and strange echo of other worlds. At the time of “The Color of Pomegranates” and “mirror” fascinating personality traits were very low price. It seems that many desire to painting Gayane Khachaturian is caused not only by magic arts, but also nostalgia for the days when esoteric inclinations of the soul meant more money and success.
Journalist Yuri Rost:
“Gayane get those images out of my dreams, transforming them and leaves us to be happy. It has no address, opal flowers and decorate our world. I’m just a viewer, and the viewer really love her – it makes me think that the world is beautiful, and cherish every day. Meeting my own with her long ago, there hangs a photograph, which I did 26 or 27 years ago. then I came to Gayane with his friend, the great Georgian artist and a wonderful man Misha Chavchavadze, who is no longer alive, so me, this author had the bridge, through which I can communicate with the past. “
Filmmaker Vadim Abdrashitov:
“Do not be an art critic to understand – it is an original artist. Being different – a sign of talent. Whether the enthusiastic reaction of the audience at the expense of nostalgia for the sixties and seventies, seeing I do not see any historical references. If there is some kind of nostalgia, it is not on time, and on the good, unusual, talented artists. “
Dissimilarity on what is actually present, the author insists on it even. Insists on the pristine community of vision, hearing, touch, and the thought that at least the name emphasizes the paintings – “red procession rustling black plum”, “evening: night blue harp nut” … For the synthesis of different principles (and not for the sake of populism) neglects academic conventions. Uses of color, not in terms of the standard of artistic practice, and following inner impulses. Gayane painting can give something important only to the audience that this “something important” desperately needed. That this and come to the exhibition and workshops.
Personal Exhibition Gayane Khachaturian, the first in Russia, composed of private collections – Moscow, Tbilisi, Yerevan. Much has been said on the opening day of the difficulties messages near abroad, the Russian-Georgian visa, the need to make friends and do not forget each other. But apart and on top of all the problems – of the original talent of the artist, who promises life in the offspring.
Dmitry Smolev

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