• FROM KINOREALNOSTI to free fantasy


By the opening of the Moscow International Film Festival gallery timed his new exhibition “From kinorealnosti to free fantasy”, to develop the theme of the artist in modern cinema and theater.
“It is believed that learning VGIK – it’s just a storyboard techniques scripted film. But what about the painting? Architecture? Schedule? Only this unique synthesis of the arts, combined with a “suburban” Views disgraced (in some time) films, and was able to show the world real geniuses of modern cinema. The need to attract viewers’ attention to the special talent of film and theater artists felt a long time, and this exhibition – a gift to all of us “- shares his impressions of the art historian, lecturer and Director of the Institute of Cinematography by Andrei Tarkovsky Paola Volkova.
And really – Boris Blank, Igor Lemeshev, Vladimir Aronin – seeing these names, people knowledgeable and understand themselves, of whom about. But the work of the former vgikovtsev, fully implemented (and implement!) Their talent, will be interesting and simple spectator. After all, and the “White Sun of the Desert” and “Hello, I’m your aunt,” and “Welcome, or No Trespassing”, (not to mention the epic blockbuster “The Barber of Siberia”) – is in many ways (and in the latter case, and in general), the fruit of thought is the art director (Valery Kostrina, Victor Petrov, Boris Blank and Vladimir Aronin, respectively). “Fish” scenario first materialized in the scenery on location, and only then creates an atmosphere finally comes to life with the appearance of the actors, dressed again, in costumes made from sketches of artists.

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