Chief editor of ” Screenplays ” Natalia Ryurikova dismissed because of ” breach of the lease of the building .” ” Building ” – a mansion of the XVIII century in Vorotnikovsky Lane, where more and gallery ” House Naschokina ” , which also led the Rurik . ” Instead of addressing the publication of the magazine , Natalya Petrovna preferred to rent a building in the center of Moscow itself ,” – said the Ministry of Culture . As reported at the gallery, in December 2013, ” the Ministry of Culture held a meeting at which the transfer of the building Fund cinema as one of the options offered by the elimination of the journal issue .” The Fund movie say that they hear about it first .

“The ministry did not give a penny magazine , and what we rescued the rent, it went to the magazine” – explains his motives Rurik . Yes, ” Screenplays ” came out at long intervals. But what about the more than successful gallery ” House Naschokina “? Rurik in the 1990s just saved mansion Naschokina patron of the construction company , which was planning to demolish the house . Gallery for 20 years ( the same effort Rurikovo ) itself has become the cultural heritage of the capital. But all this is no longer an argument for officials from the culture . Or rather , from the business culture, and then everything becomes logical, and understandable.

Copy this address into your browser to go to the petition in support of the gallery ” House Naschokina “: http://bit.ly/1hUYjuH




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