“Family Values​​” – an exhibition dedicated to the members of one family, who at various times and ages were lucky to become artists.

Grandfather and granddaughter of the artist and the artist movie theater, a classic of the Soviet school and the outstanding representative of contemporary art. Painting of the two authors as varied and so similar. They are united by an unbreakable bond of family and talent. In this exhibition you will be able to trace the succession of generations, to make out of that was born the artistic skill of the XXI century. How saturated colors, changing shape, but remained constant devotion to the selected case, sincere love of the arts and artists of genuine talent.

May 14 in Rybinsk Museum-Preserve open joint with the gallery “House Naschokina” exhibition – “Family values​​”. The exhibition will feature paintings and drawings of Peter and Anastasia Pashkevich Rurikovo-Simes.

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