• Dream of the Deity

Gallery “Dom Naschokina” was born thanks to my family, which I happily lived for many years in an atmosphere of family warmth, love and reverence of this high art!
This conspiracy of the gallery, of course, the main actors were my dad – a generator of ideas and, at the same time, this Kulibin that could all; mother – inspirer of many of our crazy vospareny, a man with very good taste and great intuition – and, of course, my brother, artist statement, one incredible creative energy!
I was in a panic: the gallery – what it is, how it should be done, who exhibit, where to start? And my whole family rolled up their sleeves and start working! Dad had never engaged in publishing, has made a great layout for the exhibition catalog, Mikhail Shemyakin.
This was the first exhibition gallery “House Naschokina.” And the next 15 years I have a sense of pride and happiness do our catalogs of exhibitions on my father’s model.
The list of artists was suspected and Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, which one day I went with a proposal to exhibit with us. He flatly refused: “I’m already old and will soon die! Exhibitions I have not spoiled! And this I see – from home for a long time do not go! “Of course, I give different reasons. Next to me was Paola Volkova. She led me to her, “Dima” and also tried hard to persuade him! But it was all in vain! And then he picked up his father’s catalog – it was a “Mikhail Shemyakin” – and said, “Now, if I make such a directory, then the exhibition allowed!” “Dmitry Mikhailovich, I’ll do even better catalog – you’ll see!” – I was happy and that solved all my father’s catalog: the consent of the exhibition we got!
He collected a vast material with which I did not know what to do, I went to my father, and he scattered his magic hand, scattered texts, found the perfect place for every job and we’ve got a masterpiece! It was not like all previous catalogs, it was a very special and very detailed, with letters, texts, photographs! How I longed to show his Krasnopevtsev Dmitry Mikhailovich, the desire to bring joy to the artist and his surprise was my dream! March 31, 1995 he died, and the catalog was released two weeks later … he did not see any of its catalog, nor his exhibition. But how many people have come to us to look at his work!
The first years we galleries and dad, my brother and my mom together create an image of the gallery. Then, in Moscow, in the early 1990s, it was not very clear what should be the gallery. My brother, being the operator, invented lighting throughout Moscow was looking for – then it was a rarity – a real professional equipment, and we found a very something that serves to this day. Furniture, interior details – it’s all of them with his Belgian wife Grete brought us a real professional mount for pictures! He was always inventing something, composing, and I, the most conservative and slow-moving among all these companies are not always able to keep up, sometimes lagged and did not allow a rapid blowout realized very bold ideas of my brother, as I sometimes regretted later.
I remember, before the opening of our first exhibition “Mikhail Shemyakin,” we went to the famous gallery owner Edward Nahamkin and whistling, said: “The serious level!” I’m extremely worried, just went crazy – the first show! “What a cool exhibit! – He added. – And who was doing hanging? “. Well, of course, my whole family!
Then he wrote about it all the newspapers! The next day we became the most famous galleries in Moscow …
“Dad – I scream into the phone. – Tselkov paintings brought from France, they are huge. We tried to arrange them – they crushed us! The exhibition falls! I’m terrified! “Family arrives at his old” Zhigulenko, “Dad, impetuous, always first, my mother and brother – for him. Climb the stairs gallery, with its charming and full of calm and confidence smile dad says, “Well, what are they big? Great job! “
After midnight all wildly tired, half-sitting, half-lying on the floor and look around, and we are looking from the walls of the huge, illuminated, bright faces, muzzles of paintings Tsalkova, so alive and such a fantastic time, and it seems that they are smiling at us …
I have many similar stories. In all my endeavors, creative, home, around the chief and the lesser of my life, in the life of my brother, my kids are always involved my family! When my daughter was five years old, I have all announced that she would be an artist. “Why is an artist, not a poet or a singer or an actress, after all?” And I knew exactly what my daughter would be an artist, though, and took her in all circles, looking for her talent! And guess!
And when she entered the Krasnopresnenskuju art school, and then at the Surikov school, and then at the university to the Art Department – for years the family lived in a single burst of Nastya’s life. Mum and dad were racing through the city, because something did not work in Hasti, Dad carefully designed the work and each of its years kept a folder in the first drawings of her granddaughter, my mother and I have experienced the problem of age, artistic quest, enjoyed successes of the young talent. .. clock-years of all of this was discussed on the phone … We all happily sailed on the ship called “Family”!
Recently retired prematurely my brother, he was at the peak of his creativity, he had something to say to the world! I think that is yet to come – an awareness of his paintings, and so simply and brilliantly crafted them flow “politecology.” And I see him as a natural extension of the best qualities of our family! Generous wide soul, talent without boundaries irrepressible desire to create something, constant generation of unexpected ideas and the impossibility of the job. When he removed one eye, it was a terrible blow for him in the first place, and for us, the family! An artist statement – that he would do? Brush dvoilas and did not get to the goal! Continue to “politecology” was impossible. Then one day he comes to me in the gallery and said, “I have an idea! We must invite the good, well-known artists and invite them to paint the furniture of IKEA. ” Thus was born the great exhibition “Furniture as Art”, which was attended by great painters, who had taken the first time to paint furniture: Rustam Khamdamov, Tonino Guerra, Tatyana Nazarenko, Vladimir Lyubarov, Victor Bashenina, Azam Atakhanov and Andrew Paszkiewicz! Everyone was shocked at how talented and totally original way my brother materialized its same idea! But not many people know what forces and what he needed to overcome in order to achieve such a result!
Our ship continued its voyage. Nastya Ryurikova-Simes now lives in America, where held as an artist easel and theater artist. She held a master and highly regarded by critics and colleagues.

My son Kirill Rjurikov after a long search for yourself on the path of the artist, which we are all very excited!
His daughter Maria Ryurikova Krasnopresnenskoj studying in art school, and maybe soon there will be another artist.
In the depths of our family unexpectedly born a new artist Grete Van Haelst, my brother’s wife.
And another member of our family – Kate Irankova Levante, my niece. She grew up and lived away from Russia – Czechoslovakia, Europe, America … The way it has been a difficult art, but inexorable and irreversible.

There is one important trait that unites all of us – it’s easy, almost artistic attitude to the “filthy lucre”! Do not feel sorry to donate, if someone has attracted something! Do not take the money and never be a slave to them! Behave as if a million in your pocket! Not work because the pay is good, but because it is interesting – a must! And I, too, fell victim to family traditions! Gallery did not work commercially – won an art! But I do not regret it, after all, this is also our family values!

Natalia Rurik,
Director of the gallery “Dom Naschokina”

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