• Railway station restaurant. Vladimir Lyubarov
  • Soccer players. Vladimir Lyubarov
  • Lucy wants to cool. Vladimir Lyubarov
  • Bakery. Vladimir Lyubarov
  • Depardieu for three. Vladimir Lyubarov

Oil painting of domestic production.

Villagers Peremilovo, which since the early nineties of the last century is home to an artist Lyubarov, the idea of ​​import substitution in the country met with pleasure. And without that they have long been fed up with selling in the local general store Dutch potatoes, carrots Israeli, Polish apples, Finnish servilat and especially – Spanish foie gras. Finally disappeared from the shelves of the rural population unloved French wines, and been replaced by a local winery products, known popularly as “Spotykach” or “lyubarovka.”
Major changes have occurred in peremilovskie football team, which does preparing for the 2018 World Cup. Rural administration abandoned ambitious plans to recruit a foreign coach at the club and was discharged from the neighboring village of domestic expert Nikolai Malyshev, former zavskladom, promising him an adequate reward distillery equivalent. The number of foreign players in the team was reduced to a black player, who turned out in the village mysteriously caught on here and because of the love of Russian nature.
A broad front goes Peremilovo import substitution in the field of culture. Create an ensemble of folk instruments. I returned to the village fashion amateur choral singing during the holiday feasts. In the local House of Culture held a beauty contest, to participate in a model that attracts national physique, and foreign stars to the parameters of 90-60-90 was categorically denied.
But to Gerard Depardieu – French actor with a Russian passport – peremilovtsy are so good that even decided to invite him to live in his village. In the framework of the festival dedicated to the possible arrival in the world of celebrity Peremilovo (the date of the celebration is kept secret in order to avoid the influx of journalists), the artist Lyubarov inspired initiative villagers started to create a picturesque series of “Peremilovo Depardieu in the village.” The first pictures of the series will be presented at this exhibition.
And in general, despite some problems in the livestock, the people in Peremilovo very optimistic, because this fall is expected record harvest of cabbage.

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