All these years lyubarovskie heroes live on the paintings of the artist-grade, self-sufficient life: drink, look at the stars, love your wives, and foreign girls, dance, sing in chorus, at times let the red cock, sometimes work. Walk on water, and all the world to cope with the elements of series (“Flood”). A few years ago, enthusiastic public outburst, peremilovtsy decided to restrain his drinking, healthier and for a time in turn Peremilovo “Russian Olympic Village” series (“FizkultPrivet!”).

Here are just a spoiled holiday peremilovtsam current economic crisis. Not that he knocked the ground from under them: show off – they never show off, just come a “lean years” forced them to re-think about the eternal, that in Russian history at all times coincided with the pressing. Simply put, the food.

In the new series, Vladimir Lyubarova “Consumers’ all eat. Eat like live, and live as they eat. The artist does not study food, and watching feeders. And each consumer on the table (in the chair, on a stool at a newspaper, on the grass) still life expanded his entire personal history.

In the new series, although it is pleasing to the eye rich food there, “gastronomic reality” Lyubarova not important in itself. It is just an excuse for the artist to ensure that the show people, their dreams, thoughts and feelings. In contrast, human emotions, hidden thoughts materialiruyutsya in edible “material evidence” lyubarovskih feasts. On food-drink consumed each lyubarovskih “eaters”, easy to read their fate. Thus, the orphan paper cups with an incomprehensible liquid – is difficult Mondays citizens have spent a fun weekend (“Monday”). Absurdly gigantic, with baroque roses, cake looks like a very unfulfilled woman’s happiness (“I Petrovna anniversary”). And infinite length – as Mota time – gray spaghetti, who enthusiastically pushes his mouth bro, apparently having tried bondage (“Pasta nautically”).

A special place in this “eatable” lyubarovskie take several still lifes. If there is reason to celebrate their “Dutch”, it was not a tradition sneyderovskogo luxuries and Calvinistic ascetic simplicity. Each still life is Lyubarova as nutritionists would say today, “monoproduct” – of those whose beauty is most of us is not perceived zamylilsya eyes. Well, what of it? – All this is growing every country site: onions, garlic, cabbage, peppers, zucchini. Slightly richer look piled pile berries and fruits: strawberries, cherries, apples, pears.

What could be easier! But all these gifts peremilovskogo garden, lying in wait for their consumers, charged inner temperament, and everyone – from his intonation – talk with the audience. Brazenly and maliciously – covered with prickly green shoots of last year’s garlic. Flirty, like an overripe beauty, – strawberries. Melancholy, with a hint of nostalgia – golden peppers. Impressively shows itself, pushing the “villagers”, pink bow. And, not too consistent with the space of the canvas, spreading its lacy frills cabbage merchant’s wife: where are you going to go away without me having to lean something years. – And indeed, what? ..

In lyubarovskoy worldview food is a necessary condition of life, naipozitivneyshim its quality. No wonder the people of all its consumers marked special kind of “restrained radiance” – like Stiva Oblonsky in anticipation of dinner. Artistic language of Vladimir Lyubarova reflects full experience – the physiological, emotional, aesthetic, – who have given his characters when eaten. And the food – even in a humdrum artless and simple, like the rest of life lyubarovskih characters – gives them a sense of a small inner freedom.

Whether still drinking lyubarovskoy eaters of “Countries Peremilovo”? – And how. But the current lyubarovskie heroes on that and consumers to drink culture, like human beings, under the appetizer and conversation. True, Wellness period still has not passed for peremilovtsev gift – and clearly many of them switched to less zaboristye drinks: the series is even a “conceptual” picture – “Switched to beer.” Of course, not all of the characters lyubarovskih this transition comes easily. And do not know how people living in the Russian expanses, overcome difficulties sober. Not for nothing has Joseph Brodsky noted that drunkenness in the Russian province somehow paradoxically, helps to keep the soul.

Against the background of the growing storm of culinary TV shows, culinary boom in Russian publishing, fashion gravity of our “advanced” citizens to fusion cuisine and everything gastronomically-exotic, Lyubarov artist, not gourmet, but adherent familiar home cooking, in creating a new series made astonished his own discovery that is, not necessarily the main slogan of the day – “Life is good!” – write down the red caviar. The words with the same conviction can write all that today is on your table, for example, pickled red tomatoes on buckwheat porridge. Or loaves of garlic on black … Who likes that?

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