• Poppy
  • Starocherkassk
  • Night
  • City under the stars
  • Summer in the city
  • Goat - eye in the sky

Several years ago, in the gallery “Dom Naschokina” was successfully held exhibition “Flowers”, which was attended by over one hundred most famous artists of the XX-XXI centuries Pyotr Konchalovsky, Aristarchus Lentulov, Ilya Mashkov, Arthur Fonvisin, Natalia Goncharova, Saryan, Natalia Nesterova, Tatyana Nazarenko, etc. Also on display were the most interesting works of young artists inspired by the floral theme. Among the 250 works in the exhibition was put up the big picture “Poppies” a young artist from Rostov – Dmitry Syrov. She noted nearly all visitors. Bright, bold, fresh and very lively work fascinated people of different generations. Today the gallery “Dom Naschokina” a solo exhibition by Dmitry Syrov. His manner of the artist is close to the style of the French and Russian Impressionists, very skillfully depicting nature, still lifes, and portraits of people. Bright and sunny, written by a broad and generous brushstroke, these paintings are reminiscent of the strongest impressions, donated to us by nature. Picturesque rocks, which are broken down on the sea creating huge waves boiling and seething mass, midday heat in the narrow old streets, pastures with the smell of spring bloom and the endless sky above him … The artist’s palette – a single work, he squeezes moisturizers generously with butter and spreads vigorously on the canvas … It seems that the nature of these patterns creates such in them the power and strength of pictorial perception of the world. “Beautiful art” so we named this exhibition, using the phrase of the famous artist Robert Falk.

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