• Arthur Fonvizin. Watercolor

Delicate watercolor Arthur Fonvizin come under attack the Soviet campaign of 1936, against the formalism, it seems, only by accident. Transparent, dissolving into white space background bright colors, cute and touching face actresses, graceful acrobats and rider at the circus ring, glowing, sun-filled landscapes – what could be more innocuous real youthful, innocent, more alert and fresh? Neither melancholy nor distort the shape of the person radical experiments, no expressionism or, God forbid, of cubism. The most daring innovative gesture, who allowed himself Fonvizin – a letter on the blotting paper in watercolor, gouache primed, but the rejection of the preliminary pencil sketches. But still, something he infuriated Stalin censors, whose name was included in all devastating article, and the artist lost orders from publishers, which have long worked as a book illustrator. Perhaps, the fact that a friend of Mikhail Larionov, a member of the avant-garde groups, the “Blue Rose” to “Donkey’s Tail”, Background-Wiesen (and this is his name sounded in 1910) and during the first five remained artistry and gentility of the Silver Age, allowed himself to see the world magically beautiful and quite far from the class struggle. Advanced youth 1950-1960-x honored him along with other “F” (formalists) – Falk and Favorsky – as a teacher, holding secret knowledge about lost during Soviet artistic culture.
The exhibition featured 50 works from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery, and have never been exhibited works from private collections. There will be a “premiere” – the first gallery show recently discovered the first self-portrait Fonvizin 1906.

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