• Anatoly Zverev


Zverev – an artist who is considered a classic of the Soviet underground. A Pablo Picasso called him “the best Russian painter.” In pictures Zvereva – explosion devilish temperament and exuberance of genius. Painter friends say he wrote rapidly, using everything that came to hand: throwing a piece of paper, pour the floor and chairs dirty water, throwing in a puddle bank gouache, smeared it all and worked. In the 55 years of life, Anatoly Zverev created over 30 thousand paintings. And the best of them are represented in the gallery of the House Nashchokin. Against the wall with gold wallpaper of his work is strange and almost ridiculous. But the artist took to it philosophically. Perhaps, if he were here today, he would have laughed, drank a glass of vodka and probably said something so good. But as time passes. This exhibition – an exhibition of memory. A memory is not the walls, not to repeat the texture of the time, but in the fact that today we remember the artist that the longer the time, the more it seems to us an artist of genius. I would call Russian Van Gogh. it is very similar to the history of life. He breathed and drew. He did it freely and easily. He did it because he could not do anything else. These people are born once in a hundred years. And technology, and freedom, and buynost and temperament, the Russian expanse – is not taught and can not teach. This is what one is given by God, according to gallery director Natalia Rurik.
In addition to paintings, the gallery “House Nashokin” You can see the outline of the poems and autographs Anatoly Zverev, memories of friends and read reviews.

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