• Vyacheslav Kalinin. Color cattail. Love Diamonds
  • Vadim Sidur. Lovers
  • Anastasia Rurikov-Simes. Apples
  • Azam Atakhanov. Adam waking up in Sri Lanka After the expulsion from Paradise.
  • Natalia Nesterovа. Mango and Fish
  • Andrew Remnev. Palmistry. 2010. 70x100
  • Vladimir Lubarov. Late dinner
  • Ivan Loubennikov. La Mer.

Painting, sculpture, graphics.

The legendary ancestors of the human race, driven out of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve – the images so exciting the imagination of any creator that their image of old plot was not only the iconographic, but also secular painting. After all, to portray the most perfect creation – the problem is so attractive to the artist that this story, interpreted in some way, inspired many famous painters. Michelangelo and Titian, Dürer and Cranach the Elder, Rubens and Veronese – an infinite number of images of textbook story about a man, a woman and an apple seemingly long had run out of fantasy artists.

However, even in our days, this story continues to haunt the imagination of artists and sculptors. After all, he has long gone beyond the scope of uzkoreligioznye and is considered much more – as the story of the first man and woman on earth, their fall and expulsion from paradise – as the triumph and tragedy of sexuality in general.

In the gallery “House Naschokina” in the autumn of this year will be more than a hundred works best contemporary artists inspired by the eternal story of Adam and Eve’s creation of man and woman, the eternal drama titled “He and She.”

The famous scene from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil eyes Tatiana Nazarenko and Natalia Nesterova idyllic Garden of Eden brush Lyubarova Vladimir and Ivan Lubennikova, life after the expulsion from paradise from the point of view of Azam Atakhanova, the creation of Eve from Adam’s rib Dmitry Plavinsky, as well as biblical scenes Olga Bulgakova , a medieval nativity Michael Dronova, Corsican saga of Anastasia Simes and much, much more of a modern sculpture and painting, that will help us to take a fresh look at the history of original sin, the serpent-tempter and the beginning of human history on Earth according to the ancient legend of Adam and Eve!




Zinaida Serebriakova
Pyotr Konchalovsky
Alexander Osmyorkin
Benjamin Eiges
Ilya Mashkov
Jean Auguste Ingres
Pierre Laurent
Andre Derain

Alexandra Exter
Ignatius Nivinsky
Sergei Vinogradov
Alexander Matveev
George Yakulov
Vladimir Baranov-Rossini
George Yakulov

Anatoly Zverev
Vadim Siddur
Vladimir Weisberg
Dmitry Plavinsky
Grigory Bruskin
Daniel Cherkessia
Eugene Strulev

Leo Kropyvnytskyi
Sarah Lebedeva
Vladimir Yankilevsky
Nicholas Karpetsky
Eleanor Verevkina
Viktor Vasnetsov
Igor Obrosov
Nat Konysheva
Rustam Khamdamov
Tonino Guerra
Tatyana Nazarenko
Larissa Naumova
Ivan Lubennikov

Andrey Remnev
Vladimir Lyubarov
Natalia Nesterova
Anastasia Ryurikova-Symes

Leo Tabenkin
Cyril Rjurikov-Rado
Dmitry Gorokhov
Olga Bulgakov
Alexander Sitnikov
Maxim Kantor
Azam Atakhanov
Arkadiy Petrov
Katerina Vorona

Alexander Rukavishnikov
Michael Drones
Victor Korneev
Elena Surovceva
Yuri zloty and other

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