Question of who will drive to the mansion in the center of Moscow remains open


Dismissed from the post of chief editor of ” Screenplays ” Natalia Ryurikova is going to challenge the decision of the founder, the Ministry of Culture , in court , but does not rule out a peaceful solution . This ex- editor in chief told “Izvestia” . Her position is supported by lawyer Andrew Shugaev , who believes that in the procedure of dismissal have been committed “certain violations.”

The history of this dismissal has already received a loud public outcry – Natalia Rurikov’s activity was not limited to the editing of the magazine. She is the owner of the well-known in the capital of the ” Dom Naschokina ” gallery and rents space in the building for editorial Vorotnikovsky lane 12. This – the former mansion of the famous philanthropist and friend of Pushkin Paul Naschokina . There, but for the rights of the sublease in the gallery operates the medical center ” Axiom “.

That action Rurikova lessor forced the Ministry of Culture to discern “the presence of signs of corruption .” Former editor charged with “conflict of interest ” – favorable conditions for lease of premises owned by the publisher. The Ministry of Culture does not exclude the possibility that ” the results of verification documents will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies .” Furthermore, officials accuse Rurikova that the magazine is not led a ” core business ” , simply put, are rarely published .

In turn, members of the public perceived the dismissal of Rurikova as an attempt to seize a historic building. Artist Innocent Baranov, who exhibited many times in the “Dom Naschokina “, described it as “gross corporate raid of a wonderful space in the center of Moscow .”

– It is difficult to assess the work of Natalia Rurikova in the journal , but it has made an unparalleled gallery , I think the best post-Soviet space – said Baranov .

“Izvestia” overall arguments of the parties . It turned out that the version of capture is unfounded . At the meeting of December 18, 2013 , held at the Ministry of Culture, under the chairmanship of the Director of the Department of property management and investment policy Boris Mazo and with the Director of the Cinema Fund Anton Malyshev , addressed the issue of accommodation in the building of the magazine ” Screenplays ” Cinema Fund .

In the report (available to “Izvestia” ) stipulates that the Fund has agreed to take a movie that room ( as an argument indicates that the magazine ” is not the core business “), and several options were examined withdrawal building in its favor – from “hard “(” through the elimination of the State Enterprise ” magazine” Screenplay “and the transfer of ownership of the building in the Fund cinema” from the Treasury of the Russian Federation after the publication of the preliminary screening instrument Minister “) to ” soft “-” through the conclusion of the lease ( gratuitous use ) SE ” The editors ” Screenplays ” movie with the Fund in consultation with the Federal Property Management Agency ( can be done after 01.11.2014 – after the end of the lease term ) . “

However, according to the representative of the Ministry of Culture , none of these solutions have not yet accepted as final , and the Cinema Fund still pondering whether he should choose his residence just that building. Nevertheless, the newly appointed editor of the ” screenplay ” Econ. Fedor Sasnou previously collaborated with the Foundation is cinema. He explained his appointment founder desire to understand the financial problems of the publication.
According to him, the gallery Ryurikova engaged in damage magazine, which in coordination with the Ministry was to publish due to the rental of premises .

– Natalia Petrovna provided us with virtually no documentation of financial activity log : no statutory documents or staffing – nothing. Statements of that found in the tax , Rosimushchestve and elsewhere, we can conclude that it was based on the interests of his gallery . Rental fee for the gallery was extremely low – about 300 rubles per 1 sq. km . MV month ( the average rental rate in the commercial area of 3,000 rubles a month. – “News” ) . But last year it gave an income of about 3 million Nevertheless, 2011 was published only two limited editions , in 2012, the magazine is not published at all in 2013 – again two editions of the same edition. Talk about any efficiency it makes no sense – believes the new editor in chief .

Particularly emphasizes the fact Sasnou sublease from which “Dom Naschokina ” gets 1.5-2 times more than pays its lease with the magazine . “

– Journal ” Screenplays ” anything that has not, – says the source publication . – Two small rooms, which actually is the editorial board, turned into warehouses with some property of third parties – crates with alcoholic beverages , paintings and clothes . Of office equipment , through which functions like editing – old monitor .
Natalia Rurik , refused to sign the order of dismissal ( “Why , if everything is already decided without me ? “) , Calls the accusations slander.

According to her, the documentation , the magazine ‘s all right , lease made ​​legally. With this agreement, an expert on housing law Shugaev Andrew , who noted that “many state-owned unitary rent out their premises for rent and not always do so in accordance with the letter of the law , but as part of the enterprise, based on the documents that failed to see here all legal and no violations . “

A break in the publication of the journal in 2012, Natalia explains Ryurikova litigation costs , where the editors pulled again because of its building – a mansion on Vorotnikovsky team proved another victim of speculators headed by the former head of the Moscow Territorial Federal Property Management Agency Anatoly Shesteryukom : now he is accused in the criminal case of fraud by the theft of nearly 100 objects of urban real estate in the amount of 10 billion rubles.

– We were just off and actually functioned . Eighteen months were judged as difficult not to win the case and did not return the building to the State – explains Rurik .

The fact that the magazine did not conduct the core business , the former editor in chief also denies and on its side stands the chief editor of “Cinema Art” , film critic Daniel Dondurei .

– For many years, the magazine has a very important mission for the professional community . ” Screenplay ” – is the preservation of traditions , skill transfer , publication of analytical materials , selection of the best names. All publications such objective reasons totally unprofitable and may go regularly – said “Izvestia” .

Dondurei also noted that the state has a minimum participation in the financing of the ” smart” magazines, and all ” can be turned out as they can, including renting the premises .” For many magazines building in the center of Moscow – is the only way to find funds . The only difference is that Natalia handed Ryurikova own gallery space , but it ” has never been a secret – especially for the founder .”

Currently Natalia Ryurikova is preparing a detailed response to all claims made ​​against it .

– I’m ready to give the ministry building , but not in this form. My opinion is that officials do not behave decently. Came in eight of hacked locks sealed the publisher. Of course, we took the press , because there all our things . The next day, they come with the police draw up a protocol . We draw up the protocol . This style of bygone 1990s …
Contrary has spread in the media , the gallery “Dom Naschokina ” continues ( sealed room only edition). Until April 13, will go the exhibition ” The Inner Circle ” the memory of a famous critic Paola Volkova. April 18 in the “Dom Naschokina ” should open exhibition fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev “Sounds of fashion .” According to the collector Basil Snegovskaya , preparations are going according to plan.

Magazine ” Screenplays ” was established State Committee for Cinematography (now its successor – the Ministry of Culture ) . In 1992, he became chief editor Natalya Rurik . Her gallery ” Dom Naschokina ” was opened in 1994, the exhibition charts Mikhail Shemyakin . Later exhibited here many emigre artists , virtually unknown at home. As conceived by the director , the gallery had to perform two functions : educational and commercial . Planned to use the proceeds to continue the publication of unprofitable but authoritative magazine .

The current tenancy agreement “Dom Naschokina ” the magazine ” Screenplay ” with additional agreement on the minimum rental rate (the parameters of the agreement: the total area of ​​700 sq m lease . Meters , the cost per month for the 1st , basement 1053.55 cu . , for the 2nd room – 5668.17 USD , converted into rubles at the current exchange rate of the dollar is about 242 thousand rubles, which is about 300 rubles per 1 sq. km . m per month ) was signed in 2004 for a period 10 years with the consent of the Federal Property Agency and the Ministry of Culture .
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