For the past day degree boiling around the gallery “House Naschokina ” and magazine ” Screenplays ” reached a limit due to svezheopublikovannym press release MINISTRY culture of dismissal from the post of chief editor Natalya Rurikova ( happened a month ago, but now the Ministry in connection with the risen in the press wave perturbations voiced its position ) . Want to say that , follow the steps on the website and the Ministry of Culture through the agency replicated distributed text information , untrue . To prevent further discussion and raising of rumors , we present only the facts that the current officials of the Ministry of Culture chose to omit in his narrative , or pretend that they do not know them . Natalia Ryurikova worked in the magazine ” Screenplays ” 40 years , 20 years of which was as chief editor. It should be recalled under any circumstances, she became editor in chief. Came in 1992 , government organizations , one after the other deprived of funding , staff were left without salaries and premises. In this situation, there was also a magazine ” Screenplay “, where at the time of Rurik Natalia worked in office executive secretary. The magazine appeared without the editor in chief and of ” Cinema Center ” on the balance of which was then a magazine, he denied further funding. Natalya Petrovna many attempts to find a chief editor and save the publication as well as the organization that will continue to fund it . Ultimately, under the auspices of cinematography and was created GP ” editorial board ” Screenplay “, but the budget for this venture was not selected , and then actually wanting to lead a dying edition of famous writers was not. Natalia Ryurikova takes over the journal’s publication and continues virtually enthusiasm . Along the way, Natalya Petrovna is endless courts over the illegal privatization of the building located Vorotnikovsky Lane , 12, to return it to the state and keep Pushkin mansion from imminent destruction of the so-called newly appeared ” owners ” of the building . By 1998, it is possible to defend the status of a historical , not subject to privatization , passing through six courts. By this time the building Natalia Ryurikova creates and begins to develop the gallery “House Naschokina ” which she , together with Andrei Tarkovsky Establishes Fund to support the magazine ” Screenplays ” completely devoid of the budget, and to continue its release . Thus, in the 90s in the center of Moscow is gradually formed a unique cultural symbiosis magazine and gallery, which will soon become famous all over Moscow . If there was one place in Moscow at the turn of the century , a period of cultural decline throughout Russia , there were significant developments in the field of art – it was certainly “House Naschokina .” Gallery magazine and created a lot of joint projects in the era of complete decay distribution of printed materials , helping to distribute and support the magazine ” Screenplays ” – exhibitions devoted to Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Otar Iosseliani , Tonino Guerra , Leni Rishenshtal , Frida Kahlo , Alexander Petrov , Lyudmila Gurchenko , a joint project of Sergei Solovyov in the movie “Anna Karenina” and many others were always accompanied by a yield themed magazines are known and loved by our visitors and readers . In addition, the gallery , proving their reputation as a serious cultural and exhibition center , began to make large-scale projects with the best Russian museums – there have been exhibitions devoted Zinaida Serebryakova , Valentin Serov , Pyotr Konchalovsky , exhibited paintings from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum , the Hermitage and other museum collections, and exhibited for the first time all the famous nonconformist , now included in the golden fund of museums in the world – Anatoly Zverev , Ernst Unknown Dmitry Plavinsky Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Mikhail Shemyakin , and many others. All the years of existence and history embodied gallery of more than 100 art projects. Besides constantly magazine hosted evening meetings with renowned filmmakers and cartoonists , accompanied by film and fotopokazami . Regular guests of the magazine and the galleries were Yuri Norstein , Benjamin Smekhov , Yuri Rost , Paola Volkova , Tonino Guerra and Laura , Otar Ioseliani , Natalia Dabizha , George Parajanov Andrei Hrzhanovky and many others , on whose evening as a breath of fresh air people flocked from all over Moscow . Probably not a single worker of culture of Moscow , which, though not once visited the Houses Naschokina walls . Talk about cultural activities “Dom Naschokina ” can be very long , but the main thing without Natalya Rurikova that turned ramshackle mansion and dying edition a real home culture in the truest sense of the word in the center of Moscow , it would be impossible . Important point – it is an activity Natalia Rurikova conservation of the mansion from the 18th century where he was staying with his friend Paul Voinovicha Naschokina Alexander Pushkin. Not received a penny of budget money , she supported him for many years , to raise funds for capital in it and constant current repairs , as this historic building always requires additional repairs communications , ceilings , facades and other things . Only because of its economic and wise economic policies managed to maintain and significantly improve the state of the building over the past 20 years. In addition, she was constantly engaged in the popularization of the history of the home and even held an exhibition ” friend of Pushkin , Nashchokin “, where a unique collection of art and everyday life of the time associated with the families Naschokina and Pushkin . But now look at the facts and figures of the press release , in which Natalia Rurikovo accused of corruption. Ministry of Culture had no financial help either gallery or magazine and always maintained a fairly neutral , but in general , tacitly approving stance towards “Dom Naschokina “, but not so long ago which came almost entirely new leadership of the Ministry changed its attitude to clearly hostile. In December last year, we received the order of the Ministry of Culture on the transfer of our Building Fund movie without giving any reasons , but a lot of surprised us with wording that according to their information activities in our organization is not conducted. In connection with what has been designated a test of our activities ( the number of such checks by the parent bodies during the years of the magazine, we now keep silent ) . Checking started very fast, messy, brought to an end was not , at least have the results of this audit, we still do not have , except for the intermediate act with clear , probably specially admitted mistakes that the editor in chief refused to sign . After that February 24 was sent to Natalia Rurikova government telegram , which reported that she was relieved of the post on the basis of some kind of certification ( it was for certification , where and by whom it was carried out , in the same edition is still unknown ) . There was no warning in two weeks, is necessary in such cases , the dismissal was not done well . Three weeks of silence on the part of the Ministry , after which the building literally broke young men brandishing an order appointing a new editor in chief , with the requirement to give them documents and began to break the door of office space and make the building of a folder with documents. Currently the premises that such an uncivilized manner took officials of the Ministry of Culture , sealed and doors are things that belong to the artists and employees , valuable paintings , archives and photo galleries and videos . For the safety of these things we are currently experiencing a very , considering the methods that are current officials . Thereafter Natalia Ryurikova seeing clearly arbitrary and non-compliance with any legal order even in the actions of the latter-day editorial staff has been forced to go to the police and the press. It was after her conversion Ministry of Culture and writes the same libel in which it accuses of corruption Natalya Petrovna , in order to protect their clearly illegal actions . What is the accused and Natalya Petrovna in connection with what she was dismissed from her position ? Read: ” Natalia Ryurikova as head of FSUE” editorial board ” Screenplays ” leased space (700 m) which is an enterprise under private gallery “House Naschokina .” The director of the gallery is … Natalia Ryurikova noteworthy that the monthly cost of rent in the building next to the Kremlin is about 300 rubles per square meter . ” Obviously ministry officials naively believe that Natalia Ryurikova on a whim takes and rents space itself , but still close to the Kremlin , but still rates himself appoints itself really egregious facts. True reason the so-called press release does not contain a single reference to any document , apparently blind faith guess word incorruptible Ministry of Culture . It is also strange why for so many years , organizing, leading public and open activity in the center of Moscow , no one checked for the presence of so cleverly arranged ” corruption scheme .” So, what is not really? Building on Vorotnikovsky lane 12 is a monument of history and culture under federal jurisdiction , which is owned by the Russian Federation, respectively SE ” editorial board ” Screenplays ” has a double submission – the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in its ostralevomu Rosimushchestvu profile and the Russian Federation as its authority is given property . Since 1998, the State Enterprise ” magazine” Screenplays ” has the right of economic management of this building , and in 2004 was decorated with a tripartite agreement between the lease number D-30/509 Autonomous Nonprofit Organization” Gallery – House Naschokina ” SE” magazine ” Screenplays ” and the owner of the building – the Russian Ministry of Territorial uravleniem , where in the first paragraph 1.1 says that with the consent of the Ministry of Lessor transfers and the tenant takes possession and temporary use of non-residential premises specified in the application number 1. This tripartite agreement , duly registered and signed in due time , for ongoing verification was given to the representatives of the Ministry of Culture , but somehow officials read it as ” Rurik surrendered herself ” losing one apparently unimportant fact that the contract is signed and owner of the building . The same applies to the charges in the amount of rental rates , which officials called a ” remarkable ” – we want to once again draw their attention to the contract , and especially in Annexes 2 and 3 to the contract where the business appraiser from the owner determines the rent, and in accordance with this rate and spelled out in the contract the territorial agencies , and not as Rurik is not assigned to itself. Comment as an indication that the house is ” the Kremlin ” and does not seem possible , since Vorotnikovsky Lane is near the Triumphal Square , and the Garden Ring , but apparently geography is not among the required courses for the officials of the Ministry of Culture . Read more ” Instead of addressing its direct activities – publication of the journal , Natalya Petrovna preferred to rent a building in the center of Moscow itself and a medical center ( a subtenant in a private gallery and occupies the entire first floor – 213 m ²). In this magazine ” Screenplays ” in 2012 was not published at all , and in 2013 was published two short-run ( 1000 copies ) edition. To date, virtually nothing to kinodeyatelnosti editors of ” Screenplay ” has . ” ” Rather than engage in direct activity” – everything said in the beginning, it seems to us perfectly characterizes the activity of Natalia Rurikovo as chief editor and needs no explanation. Next are the charges sublease – again unfounded . If the new ministry officials attended did so to read the documents provided , they would know that the Gallery is legally and openly delivers the first floor of a building in the sublease , what is a letter of agreement from 15.07.2004 № 30-12/3118 of Territorial Administration of Property Russia , where 461.8 meters of the building allowed to subletting . Why do we need sublets two non-profit organizations involved in arts and culture was obvious Rosimushchestva officials in 2004 that this resolution is very much supported by Moscow as desired , but as non-profit activities, but for some reason completely incomprehensible officials of the Ministry of Culture in the 2014m , which can not realize the fact of legality sublease relations in the case of our organization. In addition, the Ministry of Culture lawyers should know that it is impossible to get medical organization without a medical license is ideal lease documents that we could provide any sub-leaser . To honor Natalia Rurikova also worth mentioning that allowed for subletting of 461.8 meters currently rent only 213 , while the remaining space is entirely occupied by cultural activities , so that the Dom Naschokina almost close to breakeven as sponsors or magazine or gallery have completely autonomously and survive . But here we come to the most interesting place charges. The press Relyea Ministry said that a small run (I wonder how , according to ministry officials , should be non-profit professional edition edition? ) Generally not issued in 2012 . Here we must digress and remind officials Ministervta about what happened in the 2012 edition , it was in that year there was a complete change of the Ministry of Culture and it is unlikely they could forget about this fact . The fact that the June 6, 2012 years, we accidentally during delivery of accounting learned that our company GP ” editorial board ” Screenplays ” … dismantled and removed from the register of legal entities . The first person we notified about this and asked for assistance , of course, were our founders – Ministry of Culture, but at that time there was a change just in staff and in a few months on the weight of our requests, we have not even received a formal written response . We found support in the face again, our owners, Russian Federal Property Agency , which has informed us that , unfortunately , the leadership of the Territorial Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow for several years ouschestvlyalo unlawful scheme for the sale of immovable property FSUEs third parties and is concerned primarily historical monuments such as ours. Thus , our building on Vorotnikovsky lane once again could by this scam and corruption conspiracy in the government to be sold . Saved our house is that almost shortly thereafter started investigation of the case (at the moment it is not finished yet ) , rukvodstvo Territorial management changed and the fate of the building, obviously ready for sale , was called into question . Rosimushchestva guide advised us to apply to the court for the illegal liquidation of our organization , and after nearly a year of trials we were able to restore our company and get back to our activities (Decision of the Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation on March 22, 2013 ) . All this time we tried to contact the Ministry of Culture , as they were the third person in our business, and that surprised us – it is a strange reaction to our treatment by the ministerial lawyers – they all claimed that the archive did not survive any securities of SOE ” screenplays , ” despite the fact that there is a certain executives FSUEs reporting procedures before carrying and planning Commission twice a year that we regularly give up for many years of the magazine , but a change of leadership all ministerial archives for at least some of our organization magically disappeared. Once the court’s decision has come into force , our work on publishing the magazine – and we have long since moved on to release two triple thematic issues per year, up to 500 pages , which is known for years predecessors of today’s ministerial employees – has resumed, and in 2013 we our magazines released in full. However, latter-day ministerial lawyers because of this lawsuit “suddenly” found out about our building in central Moscow , which probably hastened to find the best application , which was soon done , and we were told that we had no activity underway.

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