As reported on the website of the Ministry of Culture , the reason for dismissal is the presence of signs of corruption in the activities of the now former chief editor of the ” screenplay ” Natalia Rurikova . Heading the state publication , she rented out rooms that housed entrusted to her magazine. Natalya Petrovna herself says that acted lawfully , and the Ministry of Culture did not give money and had their own somehow seek . And evaluate what is happening as a struggle for property – an old mansion in the center of Moscow . According to the Ministry of Culture, the new leadership of the magazine in conjunction with the tax now restores its financial records for later verification . It is possible that material will be transferred to law enforcement authorities .

Recall that the gallery “Dom Naschokina ” located in Vorotnikovsky Lane, near the Triumphal Square opened it in 1994 an exhibition of works by Mikhail Shemyakin. Her last exposure, apparently, was the February exhibition dedicated filmmaker Otar Iosseliani, who came from Paris to Moscow for the opening on the occasion of its 80th anniversary .

Daniel Dondurei , chief editor of ” The Art of Cinema .”

– How do you assess the situation related to the closure of the magazine ” Screenplays “?

– Professional press today that the State does not need , like art science . Important reports on wages and salaries of scientists , special events , for which the ministry reports . Cinema Editions are no longer interested him . ” Screenplays ” engaged in conservation profession, quality case scenario . In the world in which we live , in recent years , the most important thing – it’s property. More important than the resources , because resources can be found somewhere . Likely will transfer building in central Moscow Film Fund , he did not have to take the room. Why? When possible and so all get .

– The Fund , in my opinion , and once claimed to SRI cinema room ?

– There was something . Unfortunately, all art history institutes located in the city center . It’s all the tidbits for transmitting rich structures.

– Natalia Rurikova reproach that journal appeared rarely, and its circulation in 2013 amounted to 1,000 copies. But for specialized Cinema Editions this is a good figure ?

– Very good . “Cinema Art” has a circulation of 3000 copies. We are on the market in 1984 . We’ve just got to have an electronic version , which worked on the American agency . We have a huge offering to the world. The Ministry of Culture should know what the circulation is now in literary magazines . “New World” comes in a much smaller amount than it was in the 80s . We live in a different era . Now all other possibilities and the audience . We have about 500-600 million visits per year. Nothing like the paper version can not be. We state allocates 15 percent of the required budget .

– A Rurik said that she did not receive money from the state .

– If the state is interested in the fact that such films as “Stalingrad” and “The Legend N17», it should be understood that it is necessary for this to teach people . Now after a horrific famine scenario . I can tell you as an expert , that in our country requires 800 scripts a year. This is a huge amount . TV shooting 600-650 films , film – about 80 . We must also consider the 2- 3-year cycle of paintings. And we have 400-500 upscale writers.

– Do you know who Sasnou appearing new chapter ” screenplay “?

– I do not know , but people are always . People removed, as it was with Cyril Razlogov , and then it turns out that there is no one to create anything . The President instructed Vladimir Tolstoy develop the basics of a new cultural policy . Who will create? Fallen on hard times . It is not in Ukraine and even in the economy , but only in ideology and culture.

Paul Finn, screenwriter

– What do you think about what is happening around the journal ” Screenplay ” and gallery ” Dom Naschokina “?

– There is a natural process for our time capture facilities . It is interesting to observe that , as the Ministry of Culture destroys culture. One of the very deserving of cultural centers in Moscow, which is confirmed by a large number of visits and the great exhibitions that took place there . The Ministry of Culture is not so much interested in the culture , as this building – dainty in its location . As far as charges brought Natalia Rurikova , unsubstantiated ? I think it is – an experienced person to be substituted so naive way and give their property to itself. In this formulation, there is some duplicity. I think that the illegality of this action is subject to the legal analysis , most likely in favor of Rurik . I read about the reaction of the Writers Guild , the statements that allegedly almanac had no relation to the scenarios . As I have for several years had witnessed his entire fortune, took part in it, good to know that the writers guild has never supported ” Screenplays ” in a difficult moment . Ministry of Culture did not give him money , but acknowledged its existence. Even if some money and went to a magazine , it was compensation for the money, which did not give the Ministry of Culture . I am very upset about what is happening , and how many people in Moscow.

– Rurik make claims criminal sense. Do people go out to defame a person to obtain a building at any cost ?

– Judgments often make malosveduschie people . I hope that was observed when the legality of contract execution . When at stake is the building in the center of Moscow , sometimes someone may palter . I can not say that this is a slander for real estate. Officials may also be wrong . We must all find out.


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